#2111 Zombie Boy Rick Genest sat front row at Duckie Brown

Rick Genest aka Zombie Boy at Duckie Brown. Photo: Greg Lewis

The menswear shows are an anomaly: More attention is paid to the editors and streetstyle stars than to the celebrities sitting front row. You go to a womenswear show and the paps will go wild for Rihanna, Courtney Love and Kim Kardashian; at men’s week, it’s all about Messers Wooster, Peskowitz and Pask (though most people make an exception for a shot at Kanye). But at today’s Duckie Brown show, the aforementioned sat undisturbed in their front row seats. Taking their limelight was none other than Zombie Boy aka Rick Genest, who rose to fame when Nicola Formichetti cast him in the Mugler campaign in January of last year. Dressed in what looked to be a combination of vintage and Formichetti originals (spiked vest, cap and sunglasses), he was literally the opposite of everything you’d expect: Animated, personable, friendly, chatty and not in the least bit terrifying. The moral here is simple, children – don’t judge a book by its cover. Also, if you want to get famous, just tattoo every inch of your body. It’s that simple!


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