#2113 Highlights from Rag and Bone

Miles Garber on the catwalk at Rag and Bone. Photos: Greg Lewis

1. Rag and Bone showed a great example of what is swiftly becoming my favourite look for Fall/Winter – an overcoat over a shirt with pants and shoes. No blazer or sweater necessary. Their jackets came in all variations, from military greatcoats to three quarter length floral numbers to boldly striped boiled wool overcoats, and looked best with a straight shirt, or Victorian with a waistcoat and collarless button down.

2. The rough textured wool, softly tailored sportcoats were also a very good time.

3. Rag and Bone managed to show a very masculine blue melange turtleneck sweater. As you can imagine, that’s not the easiest feat.

4. A quick note on tucking: Tucked in sweaters (as seen above) are awesome. Tucked in pants to boots, not so much. It’s a matter of taste, but I just can’t get into it. Every single look in the show came with tucked in pants. It was the only drawback in an otherwise amazing collection.

5. Bryan Boy was the only colourful guy in a sea of grey and navy clad menswear gents. He wore yellow sunglasses, a yellow overcoat, sky blue shirt and cyan floral pants. Few people could pull one of those colours off. He killed them all.

6. Rag and Bone win the prize for the best finale song of all time: House of Pain’s Jump Around. The moment the beat dropped, the crowd went wild. (Word to your moms, they came to drop bombs.)

7. style.com‘s Tim Blanks and Matthew Schneier wore matching red and blue plaid scarves. Twinsies!


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  1. Jenny says

    All very very nice. I like the tucked in boots – nice symmetry with the tucked in sweaters, and practical in such cold climes. And the floral jackets – yum! A very attractive and practical collection.

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