#2114 My little boy, all grown up

There’s nothing quite like clinging onto your mate like a proud grandmother backstage at a fashion show when he’s trying to act all cool and tough in front of his model friends. Yeap, I’m that guy. My good friend and roommate Tom Bull walked the Billy Reid show tonight like a consummate professional. And by that I mean, I may or may not have held up the large DD seating assignment placard to my chest every time he walked past me (which in my opinion was quite a genius visual joke), and he didn’t even crack a smile. What a thug. Am I the only person who feels like misbehaving at fashion shows?


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  1. max.white says

    You two are perfect together, in your manly forms. Love hearing of you both bonding. My mistake for reading  Am I the only person who feels like misbehaving at fashion shows as ‘masturbating’ at fashion shows.

  2. says

    Reading this I have flashback to the last show that we went to in Melbourne…  I remember my friend trying to distract is then girlfriend Kate Peck who was walking in the show…  Actually that was a great Trip to Melbourne we really need to do that again soon!

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