#2115 Highlights from Lacoste

Photos: Greg Lewis

1. 60s ski bunnies never get old. The whole show with its feather snow installations and camp tri-colour onesies reminded me of that James Bond film For Your Eyes Only where Roger Moore has the affair with a barely-20 ice skating prodigy. That’s pretty French, right?

2. Lacoste seated me front row – not even by accident.

3. Those feather snow installations were incredible, and made for quite the dramatic photo-op when the troop of models walked behind it.

4. My benevolent French benefactor Tessa Taittinger showed up in the post-show gaggle. Nothing beats seeing international friends unexpectedly, especially the types of friends who allow you to crash in the maid’s quarters for months on end.

5. I managed to make one model laugh during the show. Bastiaan Ninaber, here’s lookin’ at you, kid.

6. Lacoste did a pair of those hiking boot inspired sneakers that we’ve seen tons of over the past year. Theirs were a good time.

7. The men’s collection was made up of a bunch of solid-coloured basics that allowed the womenswear to pop. Which, if you think about it, is pretty much the sole purpose of traditional menswear.

8. When we were exiting the show, Greg Lewis said, “And that’s how you sell a polo shirt.” NB: There wasn’t a square inch of cotton pique exhibited on the catwalk.


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