#2117 Highlights from Band of Outsiders

Rose Smith at Band of Outsiders. Photo: Greg Lewis

1. As a guy who loves wearable menswear, the boy’s collection was right up my alley: Khaki, bottle green, charcoal and blue and white butcher stripes as the base colours, in simple shapes that always work, like DBs, duffel coats, shearling-trimmed parkas and quilted nylon scarves (basically mini sleeping bags for your neck).

2. The sun rising over Band of Outsiders’ Wild Wild West set was the single greatest moment of theatre seen at this New York Fashion Week to date.

3. Tavi Gevinson sat front row.

4. Four Australians walked the show – Dempsey Stewart, Codie Young, Melissa Johannsen and Rose Smith who also happens to be the lovely girlfriend of the guy who’s been taking all these amazing photos for me this week (holla at Greg Lewis).

5. Scott Sternberg loves cookies so much he has a blog chronicling the best ones he finds worldwide. Every season show-goers are treated to a cellophane-wrapped cookie on their seats. In September they were purple poppy seed cookies. I ate four. In February last year they were lemon cookies. I ate six. This time around we were given Mexican wedding cookies that tasted like chewy peanut butter flavoured ambrosia. I ate one and immediately regretted not stealing a few extras.

6. I want one of those quad-coloured sweaters. But I’ll settle for a scarf if needs be.

7. Nothing kills me more than slow-moving models, but Band of Outsiders’ were on a mission. If I’ve said it once, I’ve said it a thousand times: A quick show’s a good show.


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