#2118 Highlights from Patrik Ervell

Photos: Greg Lewis

1. Patrik Ervell does a simple outfit incredibly well. In his show today, the two that stood out most were a flecked grey suit with club collar shirt, and a navy single breasted blazer worn with nylon pants and a pale blue club collar shirt. Other standouts were the backpacks, the shearling trims, and the best textured menswear fabrics seen in a show this week.

2. Watching the #menswear crew salivate over real, live, females in a fashion show.

3. The amazing low profile six panel caps. I’m obsessed with them right now.

4. Kiwi model Ella Verberne was in the show! And looking incredible as always.

5. Every season Patrik Ervell styles his boys’ hair short on the sides and back, big and curly on top. My jam.

6. Watching Park & Bond’s Josh Peskowitz and Complex‘s Jian DeLeon bouncing in their seats to Gucci Mane on the soundtrack. Gangz of New York.


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  1. Cero says

    Wow! The Asian girl in the fifth shot is perfect! So beautiful.

    ..Though I must say that the make-up does justice for all the girls..!

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