#2119 This one time, in December, I flew to Wellington to shoot a TV show

Remember last year when I flew back to New Zealand to film a travel reality show in Wellington? A segment of it just launched online, with the rest scheduled to show on Australian TV sometime in the near future. Here’s how it went down: Patrick Stevenson, a Sydney-based photographer, fixed-gear enthusiast and all-round-good-guy, was hired to go on the adventure of a lifetime – an all expenses paid trip to Berlin, with a crew of cameramen following his every move. Only he wasn’t actually going to Berlin at all. As he found out on the flight over, his final destination was Wellington, New Zealand, and he wasn’t happy. I’d been brought on as the tour guide to show him a good time, and to prove once and for all that Wellington is a viable destination for Sydney hipsters.

Air New Zealand flew me from New York to LA, then onto Auckland, then down to Wellington, all in the space of 24 hours. I arrived in our nation’s fair capital at lunchtime, began filming at 3:00pm, and didn’t finish till 4:00am. The next five days were spent eating, drinking coffee, partying till the early hours, riding fixed gear bicycles (Patrick body-slammed on the pavement), dressing my new Australian mate just like me (thanks to Crane Brothers) and generally enjoying everything that Wellington had to offer.

Five days have been condensed into five minutes in the clip above, with narration from Rhys Darby. I hope you like it! Special thanks to Air New Zealand, the film crew, Barney Hodges, Patrick, Dennelle, Jo, the directors, the city of Wellington, and everyone else who made it happen.


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  1. Awesomesauce. says

    I love it! “If you melted down all their academy awards, it make a ball the size of a fat cat!” Best. line. ever. 

  2. Rebeccah says

    You look SO tired in the opening shot! It was awesome to see a sneaky Josh shot in there too, nice one. Love the music on the way out. xx

  3. mina says

    What is hipster about Patrick? – he looks like a surfer – a naff surfer at that

    and its kinda sad ass that AirNZ couldn’t find a Wellingtonian to host him

  4. Anon. says

    I have only one thing to suggest – that you should have brought more polished lines to the table. Your speaking is not as good as your writing, you have some great lines in your blogs, but you didn’t bring any of them in.

  5. says

    OK all I can say is that Air New Zealand have like the best online marketing strategy ever!!!  I love NZ and I love this clip.  If I say anything else you will have a 5000 word comment so I have to stop now!

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