#2121 Happy Valentine’s Day from Justin Wu

Happy Valentine’s Day everybody! (Or as I prefer to call it, Mum’s birthday. Happy Birthday Jenny!) If you’re sitting at home alone and lonely, depressed at the dismal state of your love life, just remember that somewhere out there, beautiful people are having more fun than you. And thanks to Justin Wu and V Magazine, you can see just how much fun that is. The new video from my favourite fashion filmmaker launched today, and features all your favourite faces – from Francisco Lachowski to Jacqueline Jablonski and Andrej Pejic, plus the Australian Winklevossers of modelling, Zac and Jordan Stenmark. Filmed at Le Baron in Paris, and scored by the late, great Etta James, this video proves yet again that Justin Wu can do no wrong. Also, that Andrej Pejic is the sexiest boy ever born. Now go get a date for tonight. There’s still some good hours left in the day!


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