#2122 Highlights from Thom Browne

Photos: Greg Lewis

1. Thom Browne is the master showman. Last night’s womenswear presentation was held at the New York Library in a room laid out like a mausoleum with flickering candles, dimmed chandeliers and a long row of coffins. 10, to be exact, holding the bodies of “Beautiful girls who died for fashion.” Twice a year, we were told, they come back to life to dream of the possibilities the art-form holds. Like clockwork, they awoke, clambered out of their sarcophagi and stood watching as the heroines of their dreams circled the room.

2. It’s been a week of damn good soundtracks. Thom Browne’s was taken from Edward Scissorhands and was the ideal accompaniment to such an eery presentation.

3. Laying aside the insane spectacle on offer for a second, the highlight pieces were the most wearable: A Chanel-esque quilted, shrunken blazer slung over a model’s shoulders, oxford collars flipped on their heads, and for a bit of comedy, a TB grey fox draped down a girl’s front like fur.

4. I’ve spent a lot of time with illustrator Richard Haines this week, and getting the opportunity to witness that guy live-sketch a show is a huge privilege. Last night’s was no exception.

5. Thom Browne is the only label I know of whose staff all wear a uniform to come to work and they all look as good as the models come show day.

6. Those coffins were lined in signature Thom Browne oxford striped cloth. Obviously.


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  1. Jenny says

    Extraordinary clothes!  And delightfully quirky humour – some of the pieces made me smile! And what a beautiful setting for a show.

  2. says

    I really love Thom Browne…  Like probably too much if that can even happen in fashion…  For me the show concept reminds me of a moncler show from your Paris Menswear a few years ago.  I think unless there is a totally new concept then you really should just stick the tried a true runway presentation.

    Once again I really love the clothes and Thom Browne in general but someone got too caught up in the “concept” of this show.

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