#2123 Highlights from Marc by Marc Jacobs

Lindsey Wixson at Marc by Marc Jacobs. Photo: Greg Lewis

1. 90s grunge was what sky-rocketed Marc Jacobs to fame, and this season he took his Marc by Marc collection right back there. If you’ve seen the 1999 classic She’s All That, you’ll recognise the geeky girl in thrifted clothes just waiting to let her tightly-wound ponytail down and release the hidden beauty beneath.

2. I keep talking music, and it’s because it can make or break a show. Marc Jacobs’ was good, but more importantly it was soul-shatteringly loud. You want to get swept away in a fashion show, not notice every clack of a model’s heels. Atmosphere was killer at the Lexington Armory, and you couldn’t take your eyes off the catwalk.

3. Sexy librarians are always a good time, and Marc by Marc’s were naughty minxes in pleated skirts, blouses and Susie Bubble specs. Hello, Lindsey Wixson.

4. Speaking of Lindsey Wixson, she wore my favourite piece in the show – a grey and red pleated skirt. Having seen this show, if I was a girl, I’d be wearing nothing but big pleated skirts and tailored blazers.

5. Big ticket shows draw big ticket guests, and today’s show was no exception: Anna Della Russo, Giovanna Battaglia, Emmanuelle Alt all sat within a stone’s throw.


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  1. Zachary Smith says

    I’m really not a big fan of those chunky black shoes some of the guys are wearing. And the guy in the 23rd picture… I like his clothes, but either you just got him at that moment or he looks really awkward when he walks :P. Enjoying seeing what the guys are wearing in these shows!

  2. says

    Gold Trench… Red Trousers… Yes for me!!!  Isaac you totally would wear pleated skirts!  At first I thought that you would dress like Katherine but once you said pleated skirts I was like yes totally…  not that I spend my time thinking about it…

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