#2124 The coolest kid at Gant by Michael Bastian

Photo: Greg Lewis

It takes a lot for one girl to stand out in a room filled with 40 models. Presentations aren’t the easiest setting for a model to work – they’ve got hundreds of people staring at them, they have to stand still and look cool, and they’re stuck in the same spot for an hour at a time watching the audience drinking, laughing, talking, staring, and occasionally photographing the clothes. But this young lady caught our eye today at the Gant by Michael Bastian presentation. Every time we passed by, she was just so on – posing, flirting, playing and enjoying herself. So this post is dedicated to the beautiful blonde in the red and white striped pullover and beanie. You are awesome. That is all.


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  1. Bee_ says

    so you gotta flirt with all the seedy photographers to stand out huh?  imagine if someone wrote that about your daughter (she looks 16.. just)

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