#2125 Calvin Klein closes NYFW

Dempsey Stewart at Calvin Klein. Photos: Greg Lewis

There are only a couple of New York shows that model-watchers look to for evidence of big girls doing big things. Calvin Klein is one of them. This season, the label took it upon itself to Lisbeth Salander several of the models’ hair. Some got off easy-ish, like Dempsey Stewart whose short black bob will no doubt become a calling-card the rest of the season; but others, with their shaved undercuts or asymmetrical wedges might struggle. Then again, this is fashion and if there’s one thing the industry loves, it’s a reinvention. After going to 20-something shows this season, one thing is certain: No designer put on a more polished, impressive or international display of womenswear than Calvin Klein. And that, my friends, draws my New York Fashion Week coverage to a close. Best of luck to everyone going on to London, Milan and Paris!


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