#2127 The facts of life

Bill Cunningham. Photo: Greg Lewis

1. On Thursday night, after fashion week was done and dusted, I went to see Guns’N’Roses play to a club crowd of about 300 people. That’s far more intimate than I ever thought I’d be getting with Axl Rose. I had one goal: To shake the man’s hand. It took me about 10 minutes, a few elbows to the face and quite a lot of heckling from annoyed audience members, but I managed to push my way right up to the front until I was standing less than a metre away from him. Whenever he came particularly near, I’d stretch out my hand to get a touch. Four times it happened, four times I got rejected. The cute girl standing next to me started laughing, and said, “Maybe I should try?” I laughed too, knowing she had no chance, and said, “Go for your life.” She reached out her hand and he grabbed it straight away. Good to see he still has his priorities straight.

2. Noah Emrich of NOVH fame and I shot our first What’s in Store of the year on Friday, at a particularly fancy Upper East Side boutique. I have since come to the realization that Pretty Woman was a documentary.

3. On Saturday, my friend Mark and I went for lunch at The Meatball Shop in Williamsburg. The bill came to $38.00 and we paid it with a $50 note. The waitress brought us back $42.00 change. Being the honest, upstanding citizens that we are, we called her back over and told her about it. Literally five minutes later, Mark stopped in at a cafe and ordered a $1.75 coffee. He paid with a $5 note and the girl at the counter gave him $18.25 change. Once again, he told her what she’d done. We’re still waiting on that good karma to roll back around. And I just killed any hope of it by writing that last sentence.

4. There’s a distinct possibility that Point Break was the greatest movie ever made.

5. Why does everyone smoke so much god damn weed in this god damn city? I do not get it.

6. We bought a table tennis table for the apartment last night. My house is about to become a ticking time bomb of testosterone-induced competitiveness. Little do they know that I was a Canterbury All Star in my high school days. Let the games begin.

7. It never ceases to amaze me how vastly different two people’s experiences of the same event can be.

8. With that in mind, here’s something I’ve learnt: Whatever the situation, be it a relationship break up, a financial dispute or a falling out between friends, don’t be a dick for the sake of being a dick. You’ll only look back and regret your own crappy behaviour. If you can walk away from a situation knowing you acted in good faith, you’re always better off.

9. If you haven’t heard this song, listen to it 100 times immediately. Australians write pretty good songs, it would seem.

10. We’ve chosen all the fabrics for Little Brother Spring/Summer 2012 and it’s time to start sampling. At this stage I can tell you that it’s a poppier, more American collection than usual, and it really takes the brand’s tailored streetwear mantra to heart. There will still be all the classic menswear pieces you’d expect, but I’m adding in a bunch of younger elements to appeal to a new generation of customer. Plus, I’m trying to round out the collection with some accessories and other small items. Little Brother: The one stop shop, here we come.


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  1. isaaclikes says

    Glad you like the song! There’s rarely any correlation between the photos and my Facts of life posts, I just put up the best photo I’ve seen that week.
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  2. Fashion Westie says

    1. Is he as ginger as ever? Has he ditched the doo-rag? Bike shorts? As for the hand shake, you shoulda worn a weave and some lippy.
    2. Customer Service is only for those with dollar, dollar bills y’aaaaaall.3. Bugger.4. Really? [:)]5. They have too much money, brain cells to spare and need more paranoia in their lives?6. Wait til girls get on that T/T tip; two words – cursing, fighting. It starts off so sweet and nice and fun, then we get mongrel.7. Like they never liked your fave musician or the way you made a cuppa?8. NZers are MAJOR proponent’s of this – we are.9. Will twice do for now?10. My guts are busting to see the results of the new LB range – busting!

  3. Anonymous says

    I lives with some new yorkers for 6 months and their obsession with frustrated me so much! And their lack of style (perhaps the two are related?). American college students dress horribly to class.

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