#2138 The facts of life

Photo: Jak and Jil

1. If there’s one thing that absolutely kills me, it’s when people spell my name wrong. Nobody in the history of the world has ever been called Issac. The name is spelt Isaac with very few exceptions. And that’s how I spelt it on my American visa application, but for some reason, the person who approved me decided to type it into the system as Issac, and that’s how it’s remained. So when I went to get a social security card, they too had to use Issac. I tried to reason with the lady. “Look, it says it right here on my passport. Somebody made a mistake.” She shook her head. “I’m sorry, we only trust our own documentation, we can’t trust another country’s passport.” I tried again. “But the visa is inside my passport.” She shook her head. “I’m sorry, we only trust our own documentation, we can’t trust another country’s passport.” One last time. “But look at all these other photo IDs with the same spelling as my passport.” She shook her head. “I’m sorry, we only trust our own documentation, we can’t trust another country’s.” God bless America.

2. Your and you’re are two different words. Learn that.

3. Did you know that Gemini is the most fun star sign of them all? True story. Coincidentally, I am a Gemini.

4. At the risk of sounding moronic and politically incorrect, I haven’t watched the KONY video and I don’t plan on it. Here’s why: I can’t imagine that it’s going to change my behaviour in any way, shape or form, so what’s the point? I was discussing it with a friend yesterday, and she said, ‘I think we all just watch it hoping that someone else is going to do something about it.’ Truer words have never been spoken. On second thought, maybe I will watch it, but my sentiment remains the same.

5. Katherine gave Taylor Swift a THUGGED OUT SINCE CUB SCOUTS tee! Taylor, if you’re reading this, call me.

6. I got sick twice in two weeks recently and I was complaining to my Mum about it and she goes to me, “You don’t have Hepatitis, do you?” Does anybody else find that a little odd?

7. There’s this line in the Bright Eyes song Lua that I’ve always loved: ‘But me I’m not a gamble, you can count on me to split.’ I take it to mean: Don’t back a losing horse. It’s good advice. If you can see something failing eventually (particularly a relationship), walk away early.

8. It’s not how good you are, it’s how good you are at marketing yourself. So if you’re good and a shameless self-promoter, you’ll win at life.

9. Holy crap this song is the best.

10. I’m currently getting all my fashion fulfillment from designing Little Brother and writing freelance menswear pieces, and it’s making me want to write about fashion less and less on the blog. But I’m quite enjoying telling stories like this and this, so if it’s okay with you guys, I think I’ll continue.


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  1. Louise says

    #2 – does my head in. It’s not that hard people!
    #4 – your friend is a very wise woman.
    #5 – if she wears it I will forever tell people that Taylor Swift stole my look.
    #6 – That is a little odd but it could be worse. If I’m sick for more than a few days in a row my mum and four brothers instantly assume I must be pregnant, despite the fact that I don’t have a boyfriend and haven’t been on a date in oh, about a million years.

  2. Kat says

    Sailing! It has been me & my bestie’s jam since form 2 camp many moons ago.. AND we are both Geminis. Love ya work man.

  3. Nina says

    Correction on #1. There’s one guy named Issac Luke  (NRL player).  I hope he didn’t change it from the right spelling because that is just sad.

  4. Rebeccah Hhm says

     The International Symposium on Symbolic and Algebraic Computation (ISSAC)Just putting that out there!xx

  5. Sunrisekiwi09 says

    2. So annoying when people get it wrong. C’mon, it’s not that hard.
    6. That will be because of the media reports recently telling us there is an outbreak of Hep A in NZ. I even suspected my 12 year old had it because the Public health officials sent warning notices to all schools in Auckland.
    10. Loving it! More please!!

  6. Kottur says

    Yeah, my last name is Isaacs and one time I ordered some shoes and the name on the box when it arrived said Ifaabs. Through my schooling years my last name would always  be spelt Issacs in the school photos. I feel your pain. 

  7. says

    I know you posted this a while ago but I just have to give you a saying to help those with problem #2  ‘ Grammar – The difference between knowing your shit and knowing you’re shit’  hahahahahahaha!

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