#2142 The facts of life

Tom Bull – male model, saviour of future Hindin-Miller generations. Photo: Park & Bond

1. File this one under friends going above and beyond: A couple of weeks ago, I caught myself on my zipper. Is it the frank or the beans!? (It was the frank.) I was in an aeroplane bathroom, I was exhausted, I wasn’t looking down, and boom! An explosion of blinding pain. Not having American health insurance, I decided not to go to the doctor and incur a 400 dollar bill. It was a mistake. I tried self medication, I tried physiotherapy, I tried going commando. Nothing stopped the pain. Tom Bull is in England at the moment, so I asked if he’d do me a favour and pick up some medicine for me on the NHS. He said he’d give it a try, and booked an appointment at the nearest clinic. Since doctors aren’t generally in the business of handing out prescriptions without evidence of malady, Tom was faced with a conundrum: Attempt to talk his way into a script, or present a convincing-looking ailment. He chose the latter option. Taking a rather large one for the team, he sat in the waiting room pinching himself through his pants pocket for 40 minutes before the doctor saw him. By the time he got in the room, it was obviously looking a bit worse for wear. He dropped his pants, the doctor gave him an inspection, said, “You poor bastard,” and promptly prescribed the necessary medication. What a hero. My frank and I will forever be grateful.

2. Can someone please advise me on American health insurance? It’s freaking me out man.

3. I got to spend a couple of days with supermodel Carolyn Murphy last week. What an amazing woman – hilarious, talented and so fricken smart. Anybody who can use the word pedagogy in a sentence is alright by me, but it just sounds better when she does it.

4. Eugene Tong from Details is an awesome guy. His closet, as seen here, is insane.

5. Noah Emrich and I shot our second What’s in store of the year yesterday, at a particularly fashion-forward Tribeca boutique. It kinda reminded me of that time I got dressed up in Commoners Alike – everything was real avant-garde but when it works, it works. Look out for that on Thursday this week.

6. I’ve never cooked and I hate going to the supermarket, so pretty much every meal I eat is bought or put together by somebody else. But my roommate left some vegetables in the fridge when she left town, so for the past week I’ve been eating omelettes with mushrooms, peppers and tomatoes for breakfast, lunch and dinner. I feel like such an adult. (Yes, I’m eating it as I type.)

7. Katherine Lowe shot and styled this amazing Fall/Winter lookbook for Area 51. That girl is killing it in New Zealand right now – every time I check in with her she’s doing something bigger and better than the last time we spoke. Watch this space. She’s gonna go far.

8. Quote of the week: “Every singer out there with songs on the radio is raising the next generation, so make your words count.” Courtesy of Miss Taylor Swift, who, right now, is in possession of a THUGGED OUT SINCE CUB SCOUTS tee. Seriously Taylor, call me.

9. This song, about the love triangle between two women and the world’s greatest chess player, is one of my top ten favourites of all time. Listen to it immediately.

10. Happy Naw Ruz, everybody!!


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  1. says

    You should really look up some pins on pinterist re: cooking. It’s fantastic! And you feel like you’ve accomplished something and could technically live through a food crisis. :) 

  2. freena says

    1. Friends going the distance = gold. KEEP HIM.
    2. Sorry. My American friend tried explaining it to me once, it freaked me out.
    3. Heh, you said pedagogy.
    4. Were those skateboards? I like skateboards.
    5. Bated breath.
    6. Can’t go wrong with eggs. Easiest things to cook. Also the easiest things to burn. But so good when you get it right. Omelette, soft/hard boiled, quiche, Spanish tortilla, scrambled, French toast, poached, I could go on and on.
    7. I love Katherine. She’s awesome.
    8. I fell in love with Taylor Swift the moment she said that. That very moment.
    9. Lovely, just lovely. Karaoke?
    10. I’ve learned something new today – Happy Naw Ruz.

  3. Jimmy says

    1. whoa that’s one true friend, cant honestly say i would ever do that for any of my mates. 

    4. representing Taiwan! yeah

  4. Sarah says

    I can’t believe anyone is thinking about /commenting on the eggs after that. your first tale is SO ridiculous, I think we may need photographic evidence….just saying…and….physiotherapy? for frank and bean trauma? really isaac?

  5. Becca says

    Cheers Tom and Isaac for making today that little bit shinier and more amusing =)  Pedagogy… best word ever now that I’ve finished university and no longer have to hear it every day!

  6. Louise says

    1. I carried my phone around my house and made every single member of my family read this story. Every single one of them was doubled over in laughter (my mum especially) – so thank you! I can only imagine the pain – but physiotherapy?! How exactly did that work out?
     Also if you were still in NZ the Dr would have made you fill out an ACC form – imagine the LOLZ!!!
    I think you should keep Tom. To say he is a good friend is like saying he is good looking – a complete and utter understatement.
    6.  Omelettes are the best. You can throw just about anything in them and they always taste amazing.
    7. Katherine is also the best. It seems like every time I go on her blog I feel like I’ve just taken a shower of inspiration. That makes no sense but it’s late and I’ve had too much sugar.
    8. She better wear that tee!

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