#2144 The Likes List*

Photo: Elizabeth Herring

1. This Working Style DB, which I’ve just been reunited with after a long, four month absence. I cannot stop wearing it. (No idea why I look so glum in that picture, but I do remember it being a particularly cold day.)

2. BBM, but is it enough to keep me on Blackberry? I’m very, very close to tasting the forbidden fruit.

3. The movie Take Me Home Tonight. It made me laugh so hard I couldn’t get to sleep for three hours after.

4. Juniper Ridge‘s Desert Piñon incense – so much cheaper than a candle and so much more effective. (My entire house currently smells like the woods.)

5. Going to The Meatball Shop in Williamsburg and getting beef balls with mushroom gravy on mashed potato, then the ice cream sandwich with peanut butter cookies and chocolate ice cream.

6. Julia Roberts’ and Clive Owens’ break up scene in the film Closer. So fricken intense.

7. Eating corn chips with every meal. It’s all about the crunch.

8. My brand new Netflix account. It keeps me company on those cold, lonely nights. I’m deep into Andrew McCarthy‘s back catalogue right now and loving it.

9. Dr Bronner’s liquid soaps. Especially eucalyptus, but especially lavender.

10. Charlie Runkle and his comical naked body. (Clip NSFW.) Take him back, Hank, take him back!

* My good friend Greg Lewis told me I should do a weekly post that is literally just a list of things I like (you know, as in Isaac Likes). This is the first one.


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  1. Olivia McCaskill says

    #6 – YES. Love that movie! 

    #2 – eat the forbidden fruit. I swear you’ll never be pure again. 

  2. Ttoia says

    Love Closer and watch it every now and then makes me reflect on my own relationship with my boyf sometimes! That scene is definitely full on though but gooood

  3. isaaclikes says

    Yes I may have been known to watch it and reflect on my relationships over the years too. It’s a good one.
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  4. says

    I always think it’s funny when bloggers pose for photos in the bike lane. Between you and the Glamourai i’ma mow y’all down oneday… (okay, not really, but I would definitely ring my bell and give you a stern look…)

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