#2149 The Likes List

1. The 50/50 possibility that I’m going to Coachella in two and a half weeks.

2. The latest issue of Fantastic Man, which is on newsstands right now and which you need to pick up immediately. Besides brilliant pieces about my favourite expat Kiwi Tim Blanks and A.P.C.’s Jean Touitou, there’s an interview with Nigel Stowe, the general manager of London’s members only Arts Club. Says he: “Oddly enough, I’m happiest when I’m trying to pull back a table. When you walk into a room, you look at the heads. If they’re up, then there’s your problem table. The worst thing is when you seat someone near a person they know. Say you’re doing a business lunch and then a friend of yours comes in and sits at the table next to yours. It would be awkward. You can’t figure out why – there’s just an awkwardness. I believe great service is anticipating that awkwardness.” Most interesting article I’ve read in a long time.

3. Gemini Gang‘s 24/7 rolling Twitter feed. Genius, hilarious, intriguing and highly entertaining. (Sounds like a Gemini.)

4. Hobbie Stuart and his acoustic covers of R’n’B songs, in particular What’s My Name by Rihanna. That’s baby making music right there.

5. Jude Law and Matt Damon’s wardrobes in The Talented Mr Ripley. Gwyneth Paltrow’s, too. Hot damn, that is the best dressed film ever made. I watch it about once a week for inspiration.

6. Burberry’s linen shirt jacket from the Spring/Summer 2012 collection. Like a denim jacket, but better.

7. This quote by Jessica Biel from the semi-terrible Freddie Prinze Jr film Summer Catch: “Sometimes you just have to allow yourself to succeed.”

8. Maroon Lacoste polo shirts. Nothing beats them.

9. Katherine is Awesome (dot com). She is owning New Zealand right now. Owning it!

10. Channing Tatum as an actor. He does the best kid-born-on-the-wrong-side-of-the-tracks-fighting-to-turn-his-life-around-but-still-harbouring-emotional-scars-from-his-troubled-past. Plus, he’s just so damn good looking.


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  1. Fashion Westie says

    1. Then we have a 50/50 possibility that I will still like you and not want to claw your eyes out with jealousy [violent, I know.]
    2. I am still waiting for my copy. Subs suck 95% of the time.
    3. I cannot relate. I am a Leo. Hear me boast.
    4. Do not let the people downstairs hear this – they are making enough babies. I can vouch for this most days/nights. Not cool.
    5. I thought the wardrobe for Boy was the best ever. Let’s agree to disagree.
    6. I have a flannel one – lumberjacky but awesome.
    7. I first need to allow myself to leave the house without fear of the unknown.
    8. Preach.
    9. And paid in full.
    10. And he can dance. Nuff said.

  2. Olivia McCaskill says

    10. Totally in love with him and totally hate the fact that he’s married, but also love it at the same time, cause it shows he’s genuine *swoon*. 

    and *GASP* Coachella! Jealous. Get your festival gear on! 

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