#2152 The Fall/Winter 2012 Barkers campaign with Mister Thomas Bull

Photos: Greg Lewis

Barkers have begun rolling out the campaign images we shot in New York with Tom Bull last month, to coincide with the company’s 40th anniversary celebrations. But allow me to digress for a second. Did you know that back in the early days, Barkers was one of the first stores in New Zealand to illegally trade on weekends? The story goes that founder Ray Barker got together with the Record Warehouse on Vulcan Lane and opened the doors on Saturdays to the general public. It proved such a success that the fines didn’t deter them, and within a year so many other retailers had followed suit that the laws were changed. Gangsta.

Proving that the menswear giant still has that original spirit of recklessness, the boys (Jamie Whiting, MD and Paul Biddle, Head of Merchandising) flew up to New York to shoot the Fall/Winter 2012 campaign with a trio of Antipodean wiseguys – photographer Greg Lewis, model Tom Bull and myself on art direction.

So says Greg Lewis: “Shooting Barkers in NY with my close friends and lads Isaac and Tom Bull (aka Gosling), and Jamie and Paul from Barkers was killer. It felt like a group of friends hanging out and having a great time guerrilla style – literally running through the streets and shooting; chasing little specs of light seeping through the cracks in the New York cityscape. Everyone was onto it, there was lots of goofing around, and it ended with a wild night out (details withheld) that started with pizza and ping pong – perfect.”

Couldn’t have put it better myself. I’ll blog more photos as they come out, but until then, here are the first three.


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  1. Fred says

    Hey Tom! It’s Fred (the guy in the suit ) We talked on the airport shuttle.  Hope your flight went well! Take care.

  2. Jimmy says

    i like how his beard looks its getting shorter and shorter from shot to shot haha….. i said it before Barkers are damn lucky to have this campaign 

  3. Tee says

    Good god that man is a looker.
    In other news the campaign is smokin’, love the clothes – duffel coats rule.

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