#2155 Who Do I Look Up To?

Bruce Pask. Photo: T Magazine

Anonymous asks: Who do you, as a person look up to? Who do you look up to in a professional stance? Are these two (or perhaps more than two) people different?

Professionally, whenever anybody asks me this question, the first person who pops into my head is Tim Blanks. He’s my favourite menswear writer, his reviews are often as artful as a collection’s clothing itself and he’s a fellow Kiwi (originally from Auckland). When I was at university, I used to read men.style.com religiously and spend hours poring over the menswear collections from Milan, Paris and New York. Tim Blanks was my go-to-guy. A couple of years later, when I found out he was a New Zealander, I just about flipped my wig. If I could steal three things from Tim, it would be his sentence structure, his savant-like knowledge of music, and his short sleeve shirt collection.

Next, it’d be Tyler Thoreson and Josh Peskowitz – also ex-men.style.com staffers, now killing it at Park & Bond. In between the show seasons, I’d get my daily dose of menswear by reading their blog posts (and this was way before the days of blogs). Their In The Closet video series was the first – and the best – menswear show on the market. Watch the eps on Youtube – they still hold up today. I remember running into Josh on the first day of my first Paris Fashion Week and being completely starstruck. Those guys were like celebrities to me. Also, it must be said, I look up to Tyler because he’s about the tallest guy alive, clocking in at around the 6’6″ mark.

Bruce Pask of the New York Times is someone I look up to for several reasons – he does consistently brilliant work, he’s the best dressed guy I know and he exemplifies the fact that you can reach the top of your game and still be a total gentleman to everyone you encounter. He is hands down the nicest guy I’ve met in this business.

Also, special mentions must go to: Matthew Schneier from style.com for being the greatest 20-something year old writer in the industry; Derek Blasberg for getting a spot on the New York Times‘ Best Sellers List at the age of 27, Gert Jonkers for publishing the best menswear magazine on the market (Fantastic Man); Suzy Menkes for her insane longevity and tireless work ethic; Cathy Horyn for always getting the story first; Bryan Boy for what he’s achieved through blogging (and for entertaining me every night on Twitter when I can’t sleep); and Lawrence Schlossman for proving that a young guy on Tumblr really can shape what major brands put on the market (I firmly believe that he just about singlehandedly brought back double monk strap shoes).

Personally, I look up to my Dad because he’s the best man I know; and my brother-in-law Andrew, because when I watch him with my sister and my niece, I think that’s the kind of husband and father I’d like to be.

Special mentions go to Tom Bull for his ability to walk into any room and own it; my Uncle Brent for his generosity; and my late Grandad Jack because he kept his energy and wicked sense of humour all the way into his 90s.

Keep your questions coming!


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  1. Grace says

    How very exciting, that was my question! 
    Thanks for that great answer, some awesome, quite interesting names there.

  2. Rebeccah says

    Agreed Hannah, with my special bias towards dad and Andrew! And Uncle Brent and Grandad. But specially Andrew x

  3. Andrew says

    You’re the writer I aspire to be Isaac, when are you coming back for a visit?

    A mouse took a stroll through a deep dark wood
    A fox saw the mouse and the mouse looked good
    “Where are you going to little brown mouse?
    Come and have lunch in my underground house”.

    You will be the funniest father Isaac, my secret is to try and be like your parents.

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