#2158 The Likes List

Gangz of New York. Pic: Olivia Fleming

1. Hanging out with Kiwis here in New York. This past week we’ve had David Dallas, Peter Wadams (aka P Money), Andy Murnane (Dawn Raid’s CEO) and Simon Oscroft (guitarist for Midnight Youth) in town, plus old faithfuls Georgia Fowler, Olivia Fleming, Tom Gould and Jack Tame. It’s the expat equivalent of catching up with your cousins after a long gap – the familiarity’s there, all the old jokes are the same and you never have to explain yourself; they all just get it. GO THE KIWIS!

2. Thanks to Tumblr, Twitter, Facebook, text messaging and Youtube, we have the shortest attention spans of all time. But that doesn’t mean long-form journalism is dead: This article about Kanye West’s trials, tribulations, meteoric rise, subsequent fall and recent Watch the Throne tour is a hefty but brilliant piece of writing. See if you can read the whole thing.

3. Arguments on Tumblr. Read this perfectly acceptable question first, then this response to my answer, then this response to my second answer. People amaze me sometimes, but I do enjoy a lively disagreement every once in a while.

4. Mrs Meyer’s Clean Day candles – so cheap, so so good.

5. Richard Haines and his insane talent, both as an illustrator and a story teller. I’m having coffee with him this week to try and convince him to let me share some of his jaw dropping experiences from a couple of decades in the business. Wish me luck.

6. Comme Play sweaters – I pulled the trigger. And thanks to J Crew’s no questions asked refund policy, I ordered the small and the medium and I’ll just return the wrong size.

7. Maison Kitsune, opening in New York in three days. I’m going in for a preview with Noah Emrich of NOVH fame on Wednesday. Can’t fricken wait.

8. Cuffed pants – I used to be all about the roll, but lately I’ve been hitting the tailors every time I buy a new pair and getting them tapered and shortened with a 1 3/4″ to 2″ cuff. It’s a way cleaner finish.

9. This Drake line from “You know I want it all and then some / Shout out to Asian girls, let the lights dim some.”

10. Ethiopian restaurants. OMG JK ROFLCOPTER… LOLCATS!


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  1. Nadia says

    1. I love those kind of reunions.
    2. Thanks for sharing the article. I did read the whole thing, but I must admit, I took a break in between to go on Facebook and Twitter. :p3. Elevators can be awkward places for sparking conversations with strangers, especially if you are traveling from the top of a high rise building to the ground floor. I still do it anyways. But seriously, to the person who doesn’t like strangers approaching them, I’m not asking you to be my best friend and I’m not asking you to change your personality.  Get over yourself please :)
    4. I haven’t used them, but I’m going to guess that lavender is best.
    5.Good luck!
    6. I hope putting it on makes you happy. 
    7.Have fun and take pictures.
    8. I like a tailored cuff, but I also like a rolled leg since it can easily be changed.
    9. This is a nice jam for a Sunday, even though I’m not the biggest fan of Drake.
    10. lol

  2. Question says

    You seem to not be considering the fact that women are often on the defensive because of the society we live in. Women are expected to be constantly portraying a demeanor of availability and friendliness to everyone who approaches, no matter what their intentions. I understand it is nice and optimistic to hope that everyone should be given the benefit of the doubt but this is not a world where that is ok. Just because a man finds a women attractive, interesting or simply has a need to communicate with one does not mean that they instantly should be as receptive to your advances, even if your only intentions are for conversational purposes.
    You know the country we live in, you know the quantity of Hallenstines wearing douche-canoes that treat women as objects. Do you really expect us to turn around and be just as friendly to those “bros” the moment they try to speak?

    I am hoping you are a decent sort who says no but that might just be me being optimistic.

  3. sand says

    3. harsh… good advise from you, fair rebuttal from the lady. 1-1: it’s a draw!
    6. you’re wearing Comme in the photo!- how many do you need (and shame- you should thereby know your size!)
    8. yes, go the clean lines! but the question is- whats the inside leg measure!
    10. AGREE!- PLEASE CLARIFY (and doesn’t this have something to do with a visiting exgirlfrenemy?

  4. isaaclikes says

    Fair call. But when I say Kiwi girls don’t like talking to strangers I’m
    not talking about getting hit on by strangers. I have no doubts they’d
    be equally unimpressed by a fellow girl going up and striking up a
    conversation with them.

  5. says

    You are spot on with number 3! This is one of the biggest differences that I noticed moving
    to Australia from NZ, that strangers here are pretty relaxed about striking up a conversation with you. At first I was like ‘Aussies are so bolshy!’ but
    now I really enjoy this openness.

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