#2160 The facts of life

1. Three intelligent, successful, well-spoken, intellectually intimidating and militantly pro-women’s rights ladies came over to my house on Sunday to watch the premiere of the TV show Girls. I made a comment/joke about how one of the female characters had an extraordinarily comical body and it went down like the Hindenberg, except with more flames. As did my attempt to liken my joke to a similar thing I might say about Will Ferrell’s extraordinarily comical body. But what really sealed my fate was when I accused them of being reverse sexists. Or was it when I told them to quit their whining and go bake me a cake? I forget. Hell hath no fury like a staunch feminist in the presence of a feeble minded male. I never stood a chance (and I’m still waiting on that cake).

2. For the record, Girls was brilliant, and I can’t wait for the next episode. If you’re not in America, stream it online. (Plus it features a blogger cameo – I see you Alexi Wasser.)

3. Although I’m working hard on getting over my grass is always greener on the other side approach to life, it has recently occurred to me that a little of it is necessary to drive you to succeed. You can get too comfortable in your current position and that’s never a good thing. New philosophy: The diamonds are under your feet, but they’re a little shinier elsewhere. After all, if you’re standing still, you’re going backwards.

4. After re-reading the Twilight books this past weekend, I have come to the conclusion that Bella is the second most infuriating female character ever created, after Carrie Bradshaw, but before Nicole Oakley.

5. The above round the world in 10 days video by Casey Neistat is the most inspiring and exciting thing I’ve seen in so fricken long. Thanks to Gala Darling for tipping me off to it.

6. And this Hallensteins TV commercial is the raunchiest thing I’ve seen in so fricken long. Kiwis getting sexy. I wonder how many Broadcasting Standards Authority complaints they got for this. Potentially NSFW. Undoubtedly not safe for watching when your mother’s standing behind you. (Sorry Mum.)

7. Another thought on that whole unrequited love subject from yesterday – the adage, “He’s never going to buy the ice cream truck if you’re giving away popsicles for free,” is 100% true, but it doesn’t just relate to sex (or to men). If you’re giving a guy or a girl all the benefits of a relationship – companionship, attention, affection, support (and, yes, sex) – without demanding any formal commitment from them, you’re fighting a losing battle. Who is ever going to turn around and say, “Hey! This whole quasi-relationship thing is working extremely well for me because I don’t have to commit, I can go out and be with other people without any real repercussions, and I know that you’ll always be there no matter how badly I treat you… but let’s formalise it anyway!” The answer is nobody. Don’t ever put yourself in that position. If you’re already in that position, get out of it immediately.

8. Best email I received all week: “I DO NOT WANT MY FUNERAL TO BE THE ISAAC HINDIN MILLER SHOW!!!!” In response to this innocent message I sent a friend: “Just so you know, if you die, I’m totally going to MC your funeral.”

9. Toto is the world’s greatest soft rock band of the 70s and 80s. Start here, try some of this on for size, slow things down with this and finish on a high with Africa. You can thank me later.

10. I called someone an idiot on my blog two days ago, and now I feel bad about it. To the anonymous commenter who managed to get under my skin with her messages about why New Zealand females shouldn’t have to talk to strangers: Congratulations – it doesn’t happen very often. Also, I’m sorry, I overreacted. Friends?


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  1. Rebeccah says

    Why would you ask them to bake you a cake? And what’s wrong with a touch of feminism? We still get paid less for the same jobs, do a whole lot more unpaid work, we’re the ones you (Isaac Hindin-Miller in particular) call when it all goes to the dogs, where’s the love? I don’t mind the bad joke side, you’ve been cracking those for years with the same response. I don’t like your justification very much.
    One borderline feminist sister.

  2. Miss_jacknic says

    3. Someone wrote on our expressions board at work yesterday: ‘The grass isn’t greener on the other side. It is greenest where you water it.’

    7. I’m sure we all learn that lesson the hard way!

  3. Chelsea Jade says

    I also meant to mention that it was a couple of weeks ago when I was engaged in a heated, wine drenched discussion with a handsome fellow I call ‘boyfriend’ regarding the plight of women in society. It concluded in a strip club with his removal of several clothing items, a brief and horrifying pole dance and an aggressive escort from the premises via burly security. It was only at the traffic lights that I glanced down to notice his trousers around his knees. FEMINISM.

  4. Liz says

    Wahoo! Thanks so much for posting the link to watch Girls online. I am in NZ and have been literally stressing out about how I was going to watch this show. Love your work, Isaac. X

  5. Lucy says

    Thank You! Carrie Bradshaw is a infuriatingly selfish character, I don’t know why more people can’t see it. 

  6. Olivia McCaskill says

    1. LOL. Girls need to get over it. Growing up with an older brother I have developed thick skin. “Why do women have small feet? To stand closer to the kitchen bench!” <– after years of rising to the bait, I let it slide. 

    4. PREACH. 6. My oh my that is one sexy ad. More kiwi guys in suits please! 

  7. Glenn Hunt says

    FACT 1: Modern Feminism (i.e the womens rights movement) was a CIA project of social programming created and funded by the Rockefeller Foundation in furthering their globalist (NWO) agenda – Sucked in girls, not so smart after al eh? Read all about it, its pretty damn obvious!




    FACT 3. The grass is  always greener, no matter what side of the fence your on…  i.e don’t change your approach to life, change your perspective – live it and learn – there are no fences, just a million different shades of green…

    FACT 7: Agreed! Call it what you will, but f it’s not UNCONDITIONAL and totally SELFLESS then it ain’t LOVE – if you can live with anything less, fine, most do – but don’t go breaking your heart over anything less…

    FACT 9: Rosanna rocks, but heres something that was happening at the same time just up the rd that will blow your mind…

    hope it helps x

  8. Soydollface says

    Wow! Hallensteins got cool.  And why do I never spot men that look like that when I go back to NZ for holidays, instead I only spot rugby shorts and flip flops aplenty!

  9. TicketyBoobs says

    I reckon you got to talk to your friend Gala Darling about why you were such a giant asshole saying that about women’s bodies. She’ll school ya. x

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