#2165 The facts of life

Photo: Haw-lin 

1. If I ever get the chance to properly interview Kanye West, I’m going to ask him what he thinks when white people are in the audience at his concerts rapping along to his songs and they drop the N-bomb. (ie ‘Got my N-bombs in Paris, and they goin’ gorillas, huh!’) Is there some kind of get-out-of-jail free allowance given to white people at hip hop shows?

2. Bloggers of the world – if someone writes a nasty comment on one of your posts, says something awful to you on Tumblr or Tweets something offensive at you and you retweet it in outrage, you’re immediately giving the negativity way more power than it would have had if you’d just read it, locked yourself in your room, then cried for a few hours.

3. It has recently occurred to me that very few people have the ability to make me really, truly angry, so, if anything, it’s a compliment to those people if I get angry with them because it just shows how much I care. Am I right or am I right? Hiiiii Mum!

4. :-/ is the best emoticon. Use it liberally.

5. Also, saying LOL in real life gets you out of trouble like putting an angel emoticon after typing something inappropriate in a chatroom. Don’t lie, I know you still go on chatrooms.

6. Inspirational quote of the week, courtesy of David Dallas: “Somebody has to be the best in the world, why can’t it be you?”

7. Hilarious quote of the week, courtesy of Brunello Cucinelli: “If I work with you nine hours a day and you smell, then you’re ruining my life.”

8. If I had a dollar for every one of my ex-girlfriends who’d sent me an angry email about blog posts I’ve written in the past two weeks, I’d have four dollars.

9. My lifelong dream is to sing Simply The Best by Tina Turner in drag on a cruise ship. But since I don’t like boats, I’m restricted to belting it out at karaoke every Tuesday night in Brooklyn. :-/

10. Lest ye forget, it’s ANZAC Day today – big love to everyone in New Zealand and Australia. We’ll be representing for the Australasians in New York tomorrow.


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  1. ... says

    Admittedly if I were one of your ex-girlfriends featured I would’ve probably sent an angry email too. No hate, but can you really blame them? Not all of us are as cyber share friendly as you 😉 

    …with this I must also hypocritically implore to keep the whole relationship advice/relatingtopersonalexperiences thing coming.. makes for interesting post dawn parade reading.

  2. Fashion Westie says

    Can we get together. Have mad fun. Get crazy. Fall out. Call it quits. Then, you have more blog fodder and the potential to make another dollar?

  3. ERIC Roosendaal says

    IHM still waiting for your self-invitation to hong kong. I got an amazing bunkbed where tom and you could share the top bunk! (nohomo). i owe you for that amazing couch under the brooklyn bridge!

  4. ella p says

    this friendship is going great, if a little one sided. here in paris, that video caused quite a stir. POLITICS AND KANYE SAY WHAT? But he doesn’t even “like books”. That’s cray :-/

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