#2178 An unconventional tour of New York, with Lacoste Live and me

A few weeks ago Lacoste Live tapped me to take them on an unconventional tour of New York City that was, in fact, so unconventional, that it included a few spots that I’d never been before. Starting off on top of the world (my beloved Williamsburg Bridge), we hit Rosario’s for a slice, went a few rounds at Gleason’s Boxing Gym, interviewed the most chilled out tattoo artist of all time at East River, watched the sunset from my rooftop, met up with some mates at Zebulon (holla at Jenny Albright, Dierdre Reimhold and Simon Oscroft), then finished up at Le Bain. All in all, a bloody good day out in New York. And in case you were wondering, Thibault, the film’s 25 year old French director, actually did get that THE END tattoo – if that’s not commitment to the cause, I don’t know what is.


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  1. Mariloo says

    I really like the “I LIKE YOU” comment at the end. That was my reaction  to the first post of yours I read! 
    Isaac keep going:) we like you!
    Mariloo, Greece

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