#2194 The Arpenteur Army Jacket

Three things happened in the past three weeks: My love affair with menswear was rekindled, I got a new bike, and my Mum sent me an article about narcissism that she cut out of The Listener – New Zealand’s answer to Time Magazine. With the clothing obsession came an unbridled attempt to drain the contents of my bank account, and with the bike came a cheap new way to travel around the city – thus equilibrium was restored. The article threw me a little. It would seem that this new-found obsession with self isn’t doing any of us any favours – we post innumerable photographs of ourselves on Facebook, we write lengthy, rambling posts about ourselves on our blogs, and many of us apparently hold ourselves in quite high regard. But quelle horreur, none of these exemplary societal developments appear to have had any impact whatsoever on our work ethics or our levels of success.

It was no coincidence my Mum sent the article to me and not my sister, who is about to submit her Masters dissertation on the benefits of teen parent schools in transforming the lives of young mothers and their babies.

When I’d finished reading the piece, I texted Mum: “Uh oh I just finished the narcissism article and I am a prime example!” She didn’t disagree: “And what do you think of that, Isaac?” I pondered this for a second, then wrote: “That I’m the best narcissist ever!” She never replied.


So with all that in mind, here are some photos of me on my new bike, wearing my new clothes. The jacket’s by Arpenteur from C’H’C’M’ (olive green is my current favourite menswear colour and will feature heavily in the upcoming Little Brother collection), the shirt’s by J Crew, the pants are by Dr Denim (I recently had them tapered and cuffed above the ankle – just like new, for 25 bucks), and the shoes are Converse Chuck Taylors. The bike is a 1970s workhorse, given to me by Tom, Ljubo and Ashika for my birthday. I love it.

This post is dedicated to my lovely mother Jennifer Hindin-Miller, who submitted her PhD thesis on Tuesday this week – a 290 page book, also on the benefits of teen parent schools in transforming the lives of young mothers and their babies (she beats my sister though, because she actually established and ran New Zealand’s most successful teen parent school for 15 years) – and who will now have plenty more time to keep her narcissistic son in check.

Hi Doctor Mum!


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  1. says

    haha! typical, a narcissist would think they were the best narcissist ever. Love this piece of writing, very self aware, contradictory and playful, and congratulations to Jenny (and almost to Bex) on their completion of their thesis.   x

  2. Your Mum says

    Thankyou for dedicating this post to me, my dear son. And for the record, I think the green and the blue are a beautiful combination. Love the photos and love the bike. What great friends you have. I have no comment on the subject of narcissism. Your loving, Doctor Mum XXX

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