#2196 Ashika Pratt In The Season’s Best Short Sleeve Shirts

In lieu of an actual list today, I decided to shoot Ashika Pratt in a couple of boys’ short sleeve shirts I had lying around the house, for the simple reason that they’re what I like the most right now, and she looks so good in them. The first and second are striped shirts from TopMan and the last is a polka dot version I bought from All Saints that is far too small for me (she gets to keep that one). The moral of the story is simple: Everybody should wear short sleeve shirts this summer. Everybody! I am officially obsessed.

Special thanks to my beloved roommate Lubo Golic for allowing us to steal his caps every day of the week. It’s much appreciated.


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  1. Pip says

    What an absolutely beautiful girl! And I keep nearly buying men’s clothing, I think your blog is rubbing off on me.

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