#2198 The facts of life

Once upon a time in Paris. Photo: Katherine Lowe

1. Things that make me ludicrously happy: When GQ debuts a new GQ Rules video style series. This time round, it’s 15 ways to look good this summer without breaking a sweat. Cue tips on cotton suits, colour combos, the right socks (or lack thereof), how to match your tie to your pocket square to your shirt and all sorts of other helpful tidbits from Messers Moore and Hainey. What can I say? I’m a nerd. But it’s such a good time!

2. Things that don’t: Having my Blackberry stolen from a friend’s bag at a boring bar and losing all my contacts, all my diary appointments and mobile email access in one fell swoop. The darkness.

3. Sometimes I read through my old blog posts and think to myself, ‘Remember when I used to fly to Paris with no money to sneak into shows and force French people to let me sleep in their maids’ quarters?’ I should try that again sometime.

4. To all my freelancer mates out there – did it every occur to ya’ll that sitting on your bed in your underwear with your laptop resting on a pillow on your lap might not be the most productivity-inducing use of your time? Me neither. But now that I think about it…

5. Ever wanted to know what goes into the making of a $260 pair of men’s swim trunks? Me too, so I found out. In conclusion, sewing shorts here in New York out of 100% recycled fabric milled in Japan that feature a tailored trouser cut, horn buttons and pockets lined with power mesh that eliminate awkward bulging will really drive the price up.

6. You know what’s more fun doing with a platonic friend than the person you’re in a relationship with? Watching Blue Valentine. Trust me.

7. Funnily enough, the same thing doesn’t always apply to breaking wind really loudly.

8. I watched The Hunger Games movie then read the second book and now I am quite obsessed with finding out if the rebels will overthrow the Capitol and that nasty President Snow.

9. If you’re a hip hop DJ and it’s 3 o’clock in the morning and the dance floor is pumping and you really want to start a riot and get someone stabbed or something then this is the song to play.

10. Bill Murray is awesome and I really want to see this film.


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  1. Anon says

    2. Time to get an iPhone and feel the love of the iCloud backing up your life into the magic Apple sky…..

  2. Charlotte says

    Second Blue Valentine being the most depressing movie ever. Nothing good will come out of watching it. Just tears, and numbness.

  3. Blehbleh says

    Omg Blue Valentine was horrible. The scenes about the dog were the best parts of the whole thing.

    (Why do actresses agree to show tits and fcking in movies/tv shows? It is so pointless and tacky.)

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