#2201 How To Wear High Top Sneakers If You’re A Girl

Corinna Studier for GQ‘s Like The Boys – styled by me, shot by Justin Chung.

Anonymous Asks: Hi! I am a girl and I want to buy my first pair of high tops. My only problem is that I am not sure how to wear them with jeans. Any suggestions? 

Hi! Good question. I hope by high tops you mean navy blue high top Chuck Taylors, and then you’re speaking my language, but maybe you’re talking about white Chucks or Desert Boots or Air Huaraches or something and that’d be fresh too. (One caveat: Steer away from anything too chunky or tall or you’ll end up looking like Kevin Federline.) When you’re a girl wearing jeans and high tops, it’s pretty simple: Do as Corinna does in the photograph above – roll a pair of boyish jeans up over the shoes so there’s a tiny bit of skin showing in between, or, if your jeans are skinny and not too long, you probably only need to turn them up once to get a similar effect. (Do not, under any circumstances, tuck your pants into your shoes. It’s a surefire way to make yourself look like an Ugg Boot-wearing reality TV star from LA.)

Bruce Pask in beige desert boots.

What to wear with beige Clark’s desert boots?

My friend Bruce Pask (who also happens to be the men’s fashion director of the New York Times and one of the best dressed men in America) wears desert boots better than anybody I know. The first time I remember seeing him was when we sat opposite each other at the Spring/Summer 2009 Thom Browne show in New York. He wore his desert boots like he does in the photograph above – with rolled beige chinos and a breton tee (but as I remember, his jacket was worn over his shoulders like a cape). He’s been known to pair them with jeans, shorts, tailored suit pants and a fur-lapelled Dries Van Noten coat. So to answer your question, wear them with pretty much everything you own. They’re the best kind of shoe – they’ll work with anything you can throw at them.

Mark McNairy’s loden green suede dub monks (click to enlarge).

Hey Isaac! I need your help. I’m in my fourth year at college and I want to see different clothes in my closet. I have a laid back kind of style – I wear shirts paired with jeans and sneakers but I’m planning on buying some suede shoes. What colour should I pick?

Traditionally I would have answered navy blue, but then I wore a pair of Mark McNairy’s loden green suede dub monks for the second installment of The Tom & Isaac Show for Park & Bond and decided that green is the ultimate colour in suede shoes. Sure, blue is safer and potentially a little more versatile, but green is cooler, more interesting and better looking. What’s not to love!? Do it.


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