#2202 The facts of life

An exceptional navy blue polka dot short sleeve shirt, by Engineered Garments.

1. On Thursday last week The Model Alliance held a screening for the documentary Girl Model, which chronicles the scouting of a 13 year old Siberian girl named Nadya, her excitement at leaving Russia to go to work in Tokyo, and her eventual heartbreak as the promised $8000 USD contract turns out to be worth less than the paper it was printed on. Besides moments that include the wealthy 30-something year old American scout talking about how many of the 12 and 13 year old girls who leave Russia will turn to prostitution to support themselves, the most gut-wrenching bit for me was a phone call that Nadya has with her mother where she says that she’s not being fed properly in Tokyo. “I’ll try to send you some money,” her mother says. “No don’t,” is her reply. “If you send me money you won’t be able to eat.” Imagine having that kind of consciousness at 13 years of age.

2. After the screening, there was a panel discussion where audience members (including Milla Jovovich and Ashley Smith) were invited to ask questions. Smith raised her hand. “What should I tell young girls – ambitious 16 year old girls who want to get ahead in the industry and who ask me for advice?” “To stay in school and finish their education,” said Jenna Sauers. Another model named Rachel disagreed. “There are too many who won’t listen to that. Tell them they need to learn to say no. That’s the most important thing.” Parents of young models, I really hope you’re reading this.

3. At my shoot on Friday I wore a pair of shoes for about five minutes that destroyed my heels so badly that I haven’t been able to wear anything on my feet for the past three days. No joke. I’m talking blood, plasma and swelling to the point where I now have cankles. I called my Mum to complain about it and her first response was this: “If you notice red lines spreading up your legs, call an ambulance right away. It means you have blood poisoning and you might be about to die.”

4. Little Brother Spring/Summer will be 100% sampled and signed off by Tuesday next week, and I’m starting to look at designing Winter 2013. My number one priority is remaking that gay smurf sweater that I lost sometime around June last year when I left New Zealand for good. I miss that god damn sweater.

5. You know what would make New Zealand unbelievably cooler in a matter of moments? If Chinese takeaway restaurants served their food in those little rectangular cardboard boxes with the wire handles. Also, if you could go to a cafe and get a great breakfast plus coffee and juice for under $10. Cheap American food is a constant winner.

6. Has anybody else noticed that high def televisions are the worst thing that has ever happened to television? I can’t watch any of my favourite shows anymore. They either look too realistic, too fake, or way over-acted, the locations look too much like a studio set or the action looks too choreographed. Bring back low def! Immediately!

7. I have met my grammar-Nazi soulmate and his name is Jack Tame. He hates it when I say KILometre instead of kilOMetre, less than instead of fewer than and countless other non-TVNZ approved expressions. To be fair, I sometimes feel like we’re kind of the same person, had I chosen a more traditional career path, been slightly taller and been loved by grandmothers the nation over.

8. Late last night, I sent off about a dozen panicked emails to Murray Crane and the team at Barkers. There was one piece I’d left out of my Summer range and it was a disastrous omission. At my request, we have now added in a navy blue polka dot short sleeve shirt – I’m pretty sure it’s going to be my favourite of the whole lot.

9. My number one karaoke song of the moment also just happens to be one of the greatest songs ever written: Just Like Heaven by The Cure. Listen to it immediately. IMMEDIATELY!

10. Over the past couple of years I’ve volunteered at the Christchurch City Mission on Christmas Day, and for four or so hours, gotten a higher sense of achievement, purpose and fulfillment than just about any other piece of work I’ve done, ever. But I still only do it once a year. Which begs the question: Why do we focus all our attentions on such frivolous, meaningless, material things, when the things that really make us happy are helping other people? It’s food for thought. No pun intended.


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  1. nerdguest says

    For problem number 6 – just turn off the 120HZ or 100HZ function on your tv. Modern HD TVs have a way to show more frames a second for sports and that – it makes regular tv look terrible. It’s usually called motion plus or something of the like in the settings of your tv. Have a nerd turn it off

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