#2205 The Likes List – Pitti Streetstyle Edition

Photos: Tommy Ton for GQ

1. This guy on the right is wearing the Thom Browne of neck ties and I am into it. He’s like a naughty schoolboy trapped in a middle-aged Korean man’s body.

2. And this guy on the right proves that going as classic as you possibly can (navy blazer, chambray shirt and khaki pants) is anything but boring. He also makes me feel better about the fact that I’m going prematurely grey.

3. I’m always jealous of men who can wear neckerchiefs without looking like fools. This guy kills it.

4. Note to self: Buy more linen.

5. Two double breasted jackets, two completely different looks. The guy on the right proves that if the shoulders fit, the body doesn’t have to.

6. Most guys have trouble wearing a fun shirt. Nick Wooster laughs in the face of a fun sportcoat. Also, I’d quite like to steal Josh Peskowitz’s pocket square.

7. This guy makes me want to cut myself for not buying that J Crew seersucker suit.

8. I repeat: Buy more linen.

9. I’ve never really gotten into teal as a clothing colour, but that darker turquoise blazer wouldn’t be a bad place to start.

10. They know too much.


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  1. Jenny says

    Love these guys and their looks – like a breath of fresh air. Oh to see men in NZ dressed like this! Looking forward to seeing your Summer range for Little Brother – any fresh linen jackets? A touch of seersucker?? :) 

  2. AT says

    Am loving the double breasted looks in 5! Great pictures all in all, and btw couldn’t Josh Peskowitz’s pocket square in 6 be his notebook?

  3. isaaclikes says

    Potentially… But it looks like a blue pocket square with white piping to me. Right?

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  4. hallow says

    Love 2. It’s unbelievable how much better and more comfortable these grown dudes look than the kids. Probs cause they walk the fitted v. tight line waaaay better. 

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