#2207 The facts of life

My favourite piece of the menswear season to date, illustrated by Richard Haines for T.

1. On Sunday last week I was walking down the street when I saw my old mate Karen Inderbitzen Waller standing outside a pub. I ran over to her, screamed her name and twirled her round and round in a bear hug. When she told me to let her go in a very American accent, I realised my mistake, apologised about ten thousand times and put her down. Seven days later, my old mates Zara Mirkin and Zippora Seven had a house warming party at their new place. I walked in the door, and the real life Karen Inderbitzen Waller was sitting in their garden. It was like I willed her to be in New York and she appeared. Who says the power of positive thinking is all a myth?

2. Speaking of Karen, she’s flying out to Paris today, where she’ll be joining my other old mate Dayne Johnston who’s there for the menswear shows (which start tomorrow). If there’s one place I would love to be right now, it’s Paris for the summer menswear shows. Best time ever.

3. And speaking of shows, now that Milan’s are wrapped, here are my top three picks for the week: 1. Trussardi; 2. Prada (mainly for the colour combos); 3. Gucci (also for the colours, but then because I’m pretty sure they took my one-and-a-half-breasted suit idea and ran with it… Thoughts?)

4. Before Milan, we had Pitti Uomo. This sweater (illustrated by Richard Haines, above) was the best thing to come out of that tradeshow (and my favourite piece of the season to date).

5. Quick history lesson for everyone complaining about Hedi Slimane’s decision to drop the Y in YSL: When Yves Saint Laurent debuted his ready-to-wear line in 1966 (fun fact: he was the first couturier to do ready-to-wear), it was named Saint Laurent Rive Gauche. Hedi Slimane is not changing the name of the entire company to Saint Laurent, he’s just renaming the ready-to-wear line in the spirit of the house’s history. Thus the YSL logo will remain the same on all products that bear its name, bar the ready-to-wear clothing designed by Hedi Slimane.

6. That awkward moment when you forward a PR agency’s party invitation to all your friends and they click reply to all so the PR agency knows it was you who did the unauthorised sending. Uh oh.

7. You know those guys who play video games all day long while their girlfriends sit there wondering what happened to the fun young man they fell in love with? I’m like that but with TV shows. My latest addiction is The Killing, and trying to figure out once and for all who killed Rosie Larsen. I watched all 13 episodes of the first season on Saturday and Sunday and I’m planning on repeating with the second this weekend. God damn it is good. Get in the game.

8. I’m as much of a reality TV cynic as the next guy, but someone sat me down and forced me to watch three episodes of Keeping Up With The Kardashians last week, and I’m not going to lie, that show is extremely compelling viewing. I found myself getting angry when my roommates were talking at the same time as Kris Jenner. This is not a good sign.

9. I was walking through Smorgasburg in the weekend (Williamsburg’s weekly food market) and this saxophonist was playing a jazzy version of one of Kanye West’s most underrated songs: Yeah, you know what this is… It’s a celebration, b*tches! Lest ye forget.

10. You know what’s less fun than getting really sick? Getting really sick in America. Last week I found myself waking up in the middle of the night feeling like I’d die of asphixiation, due to a throat infection that caused my tonsils to expand to the size of a small house. Against the advice of everyone I encountered, I decided not to go to the doctor. Instead, I googled my symptoms and came to the conclusion that gargling salt water should clear things up nicely. Four days later, I’d gotten progressively worse. I finally took myself to the no-appointments-necessary doctor at Duane Reade in Union Square, who laughed at me like Dr Hibbert when I told him how I’d tried to cure myself. One set of extremely expensive antibiotics later, and I’m feeling much better. God bless America.


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  1. Jenny says

    Loved #1 but don’t like the sound of #7, Ise!!!!!!!!!!!!!  I think you should heed your own advice and ‘get in the game’. And I’m sure every young woman who reads this will agree with me. Love the sweater in #4 btw

  2. Jared says

    Moving to the US in 7 days (4th of July, holla!), not worried about anything other than actually getting sick. What’s the deal with that?! Will I be having to take out a bank loan? Will it be cheaper to fly home, and buy antibiotics there? The latter is a semi-serious question, but probably not…

  3. isaaclikes says

    Get international travel insurance for 12 months (or however long you’re going to be away) BUT MAKE SURE YOU GET IT BEFORE YOU LEAVE THE COUNTRY. If you do what I did and get it after you’ve flown out, it’s a lot more expensive. Usually there’ll be an excess, but it’s better than nothing, and covers you in case of medical emergency or personal liability etc etc. DO IT.

  4. Jared says

    Oh, I already have that! I just assume that it was more for ’emergency room’ visits rather than your average walk in ‘i’ve got a really sore throat give me antibitotics’ medical room. Looks like there are a bunch of ‘copays’ listed in some weird language, i’m guessing they’re just like excess here.

  5. isaaclikes says

    If you’re getting a fulltime job over here, it should come with medical insurance. If you’re a freelancer, you can get health insurance through the freelancers union for about $400 per month. Too rich for my blood.

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  6. mina says

    Re:7 – Love ‘The Killing’ especially they way its shot to convey the darkness of the location’s climate and subject matter and Joel Kinnaman’s character ‘Holder’ 

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