#2208 WIWT – Outlier and Little Brother

This outfit is significant for two reasons: 1. It marks the first time in as long as I can remember that I’ve willingly worn shorts outside of the house for anything other than exercisational purposes; and 2. It features the first Little Brother Spring/Summer 2012/2013 sample in the form of that short sleeve grey crewneck sweater. The shorts were kindly donated to the cause by the fine gents at Outlier – a company that prides itself on tailored garments that will literally stand up to anything you can throw at them. Named the Three-Way-Shorts, they’re breathable (good for walking), stretchy (good for running) and they feature mesh lined pockets (good for avoiding awkward bulges while swimming). Most of the brand’s fabrics come from a high-tech mill in Western Europe and boast water and stain resistance, plus a four-way stretch. I’m not sure about other guys, but I wasn’t familiar with stretch fabrics till I tried these on, and the experience is not unlike that time Audi gave me a car for a week. When I hopped back into my Honda Civic, I knew life would never be the same again. Ditto all my other pants. And on the Little Brother front, we’ve got our big sample meeting this evening at 6:00pm my time. So much anticipation… so little time!

I’m wearing: Little Brother short sleeve sweater from the upcoming Spring/Summer range (dropping into store at the beginning of September), Outlier Three-Way-Shorts and Converse Chuck Taylors.


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  1. mina says

    The proportion between the width of the neck band & the depth of the V insert is off – the neck band could do with being 0.5 cm thicker :)

  2. Melissa says

    I have the womens outlier riding pants – they are amazing!  I did the Tongariro Crossing and walked up Mt Ngaruahoe in them.

  3. Jenny says

    Wow, Mina – that’s rather specific. Are you being serious?? Love the look Ise and good luck with the meeting. It must be challenging to work on a range of clothing at a distance. Hope you’re pleased with the results.  All the best , J. BTW, is that your apartment block in the background??

  4. JenniNZ says

    I just wonder as well, if the V looks a little like sweat? It looks to be slightly darker, or is the nap in a different direction? Maybe it’s a photo thing. Cool shorts! I like that they’re not giant baggy things, suits you.

  5. JenniNZ says

    Hola Isaac! As always, love your work. I am thinking of buying a pair of these shorts for the hubby. Always a risk buying online! He’s pretty particular too (prefers to be dressed almost entirely by your friend Murray). So he’s a 33 usually, and I see they do 32 and 34. What was your feeling on sizing? Also is your pair above the ‘day blue’? Thanks in advance, Jen

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