#2211 The facts of life

Ash Stymest backstage at Lanvin F/W 2009.

1. I have a serious air conditioning problem at my house – when our puny unit is blowing full blast it’ll still be a good 10 degrees hotter inside than out (and outside is fecking hot) – so my productivity levels have hit rock bottom over the past couple of weeks. My parents keep suggesting I leave the house to work, so yesterday I took myself to Toby’s Estate, an Australian cafe on North 6th in Williamsburg. I’m writing this from there right now and they were right: It’s nice to get out of the sauna that is my apartment; I can already feel my motivation multiplying. Not only that, but I’m discovering that the more I leave my house, the more I enjoy my roommates’ company when I arrive back home. It would seem there is some commonsense to the strange tradition of being gainfully employed in a job that requires one to shower and walk out the door. Who knew??

2. Speaking of which, I spent the first few days of the Milan shows bemoaning my decision to stay put in New York while the international menswear community congregated to watch the new collections walk. I emailed Matthew Schneier to tell him as much, and his reply reminded me that the grass is always greener on the other side: “The Milan schedule is absolutely insane, the weather is horrible, and I’m exhausted, with 12 reviews to write tonight.” If you haven’t already, check out the shows and read his and Tim Blanks’ brilliant reviews. Those guys are absolute workhorses and their level of writing is as much an art form as the clothing itself. Full credit. Kudos. Bravo!

3. I live across the hallway from this endlessly energetic Armenian-American magazine art director named Nicholas Acemoglu. We became friends at The Woods when he seamlessly rapped Lil Wayne’s Lollipop, but our mutual admiration was cemented when I began to ding dong ditch his apartment at random hours of the night on my way home from parties. No matter when it was, he’d burst out the door and try to catch me in the act, always with an enormous grin on his face. Last night he texted me asking my location (a pub in Greenpoint), and within eight minutes of my texting back, he was by my side. When I asked him how he’d made the decision to join us so quickly, he said it was simple: “Adventure always trumps convenience.” Those are words to live by.

4. Not to get all moralistic on you, but it has recently occurred to me that one of the biggest problems facing our society is the ever-increasing normalcy of inappropriate behaviour. You do something that you probably shouldn’t do, nobody reacts too negatively, so next time when it comes time to make a decision as to how you’re going to behave, you’ve already done the inappropriate thing so going one step further probably isn’t going to make that much of a difference. It has a snowball effect and the results ain’t pretty. Won’t somebody, please think of the children!?

5. Remember Ash Stymest? Here’s the story of how I came to follow him around Paris Fashion Week back in January of 2009.

6. Little Brother has joined the Tumblrverse! Follow it for updates regarding the collection, a look behind the scenes and other fun stuff you might enjoy, like transcripts of argumentative emails between me, Murray, the suppliers and anyone else who dares to stand between us and New Zealand-wide menswear domination. (I think I just broke the fourth wall.) But seriously, follow it!

7. Remember the Call Me Maybe video shot in Williamsburg, New York and Auckland? TVNZ’s US correspondent Jack Tame had a starring role, so last week the Breakfast team sent him a message: Reporters are not allowed to have fun on the job. Check out the clip, here, and Jack’s rebuttal, here (4:20 onwards).

8. I’m going to India in November, and everyone keeps telling me I have to read Shantaram before I leave, so last week I bought the book. It’s great. My favourite line so far comes from Karla, the protagonist’s mysterious Swiss love interest: “The truth is a bully we all pretend to like.” It’s a good call.

9. Toby’s Estate plays all manners of singalong classics while I work, like Stereophonics and Massive Attack and Radiohead, but the winner thus far has to be Simply Red’s If You Don’t Know Me By Now. Listen to it immediately. It’s the soundtrack to my god damn life.

10. It was my dear old Dad’s birthday on Monday, and I didn’t send him a card, so please consider this shout out a feeble attempt at making up for my failures as a son. Bon Anniversaire, Grant! You’re my mate!


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  1. Livinz says

    I’ve been meaning to read Shantaraam for a while now, should really get my paws on that! p.s. make sure you search for a good hospital in India before you go – my friend got meningitis (the bad kind) but since she’s a med student, knew what it was, but had to go to 3 hospitals before she could find one that wouldn’t stick her with an already used needle. All the while having 7 hours to live. Scary stuff. That said, have fun in India! I’m dying to go (excuse the pun). 

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