#2213 The Likes List – Obnoxious Colour Edition

One of the things that’s been most interesting for me throughout the Little Brother design process has been working with colour. As a general rule, guys stick to the tried and true: Navy blue, charcoal, black, white, khaki etc. But as evidenced by the sheer amount of men walking the streets of New York in loud shorts right now, that rule goes out the window the moment temperatures explode. (At time of writing, it’s 32 degrees outside.) When we were selecting fabrics for our shorts programme, I couldn’t believe the variety on offer. “These are crazy,” I said. “No New Zealand man is going to rock mustard yellow shorts.” Murray Crane laughed. “Men love shorts. You wait and see – these will end up outselling everything else in the range.” Despite that one exception courtesy of Outlier, I prefer going loud on the top half, and wearing this reversible Zambesi shirt ensures that I’m always the most obnoxious guy in the room (when I’m dressed more quietly, my personality takes on that role). The shorts are Crane Brothers, and they’re a fit we’ve appropriated for Little Brother – look out for a rainbow variety of options this September.


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  1. Jenny says

    Love that orange shirt and love the pink reverse as well. Go obnoxious! I’m a big fan of colour for men and women. Looking forward to seeing the Little Brother range.

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