#2215 The facts of life

A still from To Rome With Love.

1. I spent the best $11 of my life last night, and it was on a ticket to Woody Allen’s new film To Rome With Love. We watched it at the Nitehawk Cinema in Williamsburg (where waiters serve you food and drinks while the movie plays), and the film was a barrel of laughs, beautiful sights, and Woody’s five cents on the cult of meaningless celebrity, acceptable adultery (when in Rome),  and the fickle nature of love. Amazing. Go see it immediately.

2. Little Brother Spring/Summer just wrapped and it’s already time to start working on Fall/Winter. Oy vey. My number one inspiration thus far comes from a look from a Fendi womenswear show that I found on the internet last month. And the love kick starts again.

3. We live in a wonderfully postmodern world. Late last night I received a group email from a good old friend proclaiming that she’d changed her name from Hannah to Aych, and that from now on when people are referring to her, could they please use the prefix Mx (pronounced mix – in lieu of Miss or Ms) and they or their (in lieu of she or her), to avoid unwanted gender stereotyping. Brilliant! I can say with genuine, unbridled enthusiasm that it was the best email I’ve received in a long time. Welcome to the world, Mx Aych!

4. You know what’s a bad combination? A blocked nose that bleeds every time it’s blown. Welcome to my world.

5. Netflix is a blessing and a curse, but more of a blessing right now because they’ve been adding all these documentaries that you can watch and claim research or self-improvement without feeling too slothful. I watched Page One: Inside the New York Times in the weekend and I got that same feeling I used to get when I was a kid and I’d watch Point Break. You know the one: I WANT TO BE A PROFESSIONAL SURFER! David Carr is my new hero. And I bet if I told him that he’d call time out then belittle me in front of my peers.

6. Drake has a new song with Ross and Wayne. It’s a club banger. Video is potentially NSFW (if your work doesn’t approve of Miss Big Booty times infinity). Pop That.

7. I’m no great sports fan, but the Wimbledon final was on TV a couple of days ago and I checked in to see who’d win the men’s cup. The tennis was amazing, but what really got me was Andy Murray’s speech after he lost the match. Holy moly there wasn’t a dry eye in the stadium (I wasn’t crying, by the way, there was just dust in the air). There’s definitely something to be said for losing graciously.

8. There’s also something to be said for winning graciously. I went out the other day with a friend of mine and this girl I’d set him up with. It was their second date – the first started at an Indian restaurant and ended with a kiss, the second took place at Brooklyn Bowl (a ten pin bowling/live music venue in Williamsburg). My friend is a good bowler. The girl was not. Every time he got a strike or spare, he’d celebrate by punching the air and screaming ‘IN YOUR FACE!’ in everybody’s face. Every time the girl bowled a gutter ball (which was 90% of the time), he’d laugh at her. When it came time to go our separate ways, my friend said he’d split a cab with her. “Don’t bother,” was her reply. “There won’t be enough room for you and all your bowling trophies.” Needless to say, there was no third date.


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  1. Jenny says

    Strike to the young lady in #8! And love your sneak preview in #2. Really looking forward to your Fall/Winter range if its inspired by that beautiful look! 

  2. DjinousRowling says

    hahahaha at 8, and also hahahaha at pro surfer aspirations. I got that after watching blue crush. also tried to bleach my hair

  3. says

    Ha! When I was in NYC 3 weeks ago, what did I stumble across en route to the Bergdorf sale? None other than the premier of ‘To Rome With Love’ at Paris theatre. Cue  a gazillion celeb sightings including the man Woody himself and the beautiful Penelope!

  4. Craig says

    Mx Aych may also be trying to avoid stereotyping based on number, considering “they” and “their” are both plural. Does she suffer from post-modern multiple personality disorder as well?

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