#2216 I bought an iPhone! (And joined the 21st Century)

A few of my favourite things – Moscots, Burt’s Bees and my new iPhone.

It’s not often that I’ll be embarrassed into spending exorbitant amounts of money, but yesterday I had a meeting with some savvy social media types who took one look at my Blackberry and started laughing. “So… You’re not on Instagram?” they asked. I shook my head. Then they started talking about Viddy and I had to admit that I’d never heard of it. (If you haven’t either, don’t feel bad, it’s like Instagram for video.) At that point I realised what a bad blogger I’ve become. Usually bad bloggers are the types who don’t get round to posting for a few days, but I’m way worse: A bad blogger stuck in the social media world of 2008. It’s easy to justify, but the fact of the matter is that if one is to make a solid go of this job, then one must keep abreast of what’s happening. A plan of action was hatched. Phase One involved buying an iPhone, and Phase Two saw me signing up for Instagram (username isaaclikes_) and Viddy (username isaaclikes). FOLLOW ME! It’ll be worth it, I promise. Feel free to leave your social media tips, app recommendations, life coaching and/or complaints in the comments. So this is what 2012 looks like. Feels good to be home!


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  1. Rebeccah says

    I think this is the first time ever that I got new technology before you! Although mine is a hand-me-down and ‘just’ a 4. I was going to say the first time I got something new before you, but then I’m 2 years older. But remember the time I got a bike for my 6th birthday and let you have the first ride? Good times.
    Anyhoo, it’ll take one drop to buy a case. It may be worth pre-empting that drop..

  2. John O Saunders says

    ….now update your wearing apparel.  You look like mutton dressed up as Canterbury Lamb.  You are redeemed, somewhat, by your understanding of the human psyche.

  3. Jimmy says

    you most likely have most of these apps but here are my must haves:  viddy, facebook/page/camera, instagram, twitter, itorch4, pinterest, bump, IMBD, mobileRSS, Shazam, Remote, dropbox. 

    these last two are more for work: Lemon [keeps receipt for tax] genius scan [turns your camera into scanner]

  4. says

    Viddy is fun but the videos are a bit short to be able to tell a real story or convey an idea. SocialCam is a bit annoying on Facebook but as an iPhone app for doing short video blog posts it kicks ass. 

    You just record little thoughts and stories while you’re out and about. I’ve been trying it out in London: http://socialcam.com/u/3PtJlvlf It’d be great to see Isaac’s little updates and videos from New York!

  5. John O Saunders says

    That’s what I like about you young ‘uns….an old fart can still learn from them.  Keep it up, if not, keep it dry.

  6. Sarah Burton says

    I was the last of my friends to get a cell phone, the last to get facebook, and I’ll probably get around to an iphone in about 8 years or so, that should make you feel more ‘with it’ !

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