#2217 Recipe for men is the GOAT

Photo: My Instagram!

Skincare is a secret obsession of mine. I’m that guy who uses all your products when I’m having a shower at your house, and who kills time by reading the back labels when I’m bored in the bathroom. Besides Burt’s Bees, though, it’s not something I’ve ever written about; mainly because I’ve never found a product worthy of an entire post. But Recipe for men‘s Anti-Shine Moisturizer is genuinely the greatest thing I’ve ever used. In layman’s terms, it has a very small amount of the type of powder found in ladies’ makeup, which ensures that you won’t get shiny no matter how hot it gets outside. I’ve been using it for about three weeks and I’m hooked for life. Hide it away from your roommates. And your impolite shower guests.


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  1. Madeleine says

    I’m guilty of the above. Terribly. And I will like someone more if they have nice smelling shampoo/ conditioner/ body wash.

  2. GBannis says

    A little shine doesn’t bother me, and often gives the look of freshness and (yeah) youth. I’m more concerned about the effects of the sun and it seems this Anti-Shine Moisturizer doesn’t offer any SPF protection. Or does it?

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