#2218 The Likes List – My Week in Instagrams

Ashika after a trip to Handsome Dan’s Snocone and Candy Stand.

The most exciting thing that happened to me this week was buying an iPhone and downloading Instagram. Since Tuesday I’ve been going buck wild on the photo front, and it’s taken me back to the days when I used to spend hours on my old Blogspot photo diary before I switched it to Tumblr. (If you haven’t already, FOLLOW ME ON INSTAGRAM! My username is isaaclikes_.) Besides that, this week has been full of good times – I hung out with Yvan Rodic at a pool party (watch him dancing to Kanye and Jay Z, here); worked out with Papa Frenchie; took a trip up to MOMA and discovered that Marc Chagall’s ponies bear a striking resemblance to Charlie the Unicorn; smashed some doughnuts at Smorgasburg; watched Cruel Intentions with two and a half thousand Brooklynites at McCarren Park; went to the opening of the Mondrian Hotel’s new rooftop bar managed by Jason Cousins of The Meatball Shop fame; caught up with Bryan Boy and discovered that he now dresses like an 80s rapper; ate candy at Handsome Dan’s Snocone and Candy Stand; got the best haircut of my life at a Puerto Rican barbershop for $12; watched Jack Tame do his Breakfast TVNZ spot live from a studio off Lexington Avenue; and shot Pilgrim Surf + Supply for the New York Times with Noah Emrich of NOVH fame. Check out all the fun and games, below.

Pool party! At the Thompson Hotel.

Yvan Rodic, Christina (aka TropRouge) and Nils the Swedish filmmaker.

Papa Frenchie!

Remeber You come Here TO TRAIN.

Colour Me Bad.

Menswear at MOMA.

Marc Chagall’s ponies at MOMA.

The best doughnuts in the world at Smorgasburg.

Sunset over McCarren Park for Cruel Intentions.

Bryan Boy!

Short shorts at Pilgrim Surf + Supply.

Hanging Ten with Noah Emrich of NOVH fame in the Burg.

My $12 Puerto Rican barbershop experience.

Handsome Dan!

Jack Tame… Live from New York City.

Me and Ashika <3.


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  1. Tina says

    ‘Guest’ might be commenting anonymously, but clearly follows you. I don’t think you should be too quick to dismiss; I also dislike seeing the same content on all the different streams available these days. 

    I understand the need to promote, but hope for unique content for each stream to soften the yawn-factor of repetition.

  2. Guest says

    I noticed you wrote about Ashika’s modelling career a year ago, and she’s the girl from the subway right? Did she recognise her on the subway those times? Not to be nosey or anything, just curious!

  3. isaaclikes says

    This is a fair call, but you have to keep in mind that as of today, I have 556 Instagram followers, but I have 5221 Twitter followers and lots more on the blog that won’t have seen any of my Instagrams. I’m willing to be a little annoying while my Instagram is getting up and running, but tbh I’d happily do this post every Sunday as a culmination of the week that was.
    Thanks for the feedback,


  4. Andrew @ Toggs says

    Nice one. Except not sure about the ‘short shorts’?!?!

    You’d look a lot better in some Toggs!

    Happy to get an emergency pair to you if you still like..

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