#2220 The Likes List – My Week in Instagrams

Me, Simon Oscroft and Jenny Albright on top o’ the world.

On Monday of this week, I shot the first half of a pilot for a new online TV series I’m working on with Gala Darling. I’m dying to talk about it but I can’t, so all I’ll say is that it was the most exciting 11 hour’s worth of work I’ve done in months. Luckily for me, it involved the swimming pool at the Thompson in the Lower East Side. Also staying at the hotel was Australian photographer Jonas Bresnan (who shot me and Ashika for the NZ Herald story that came out yesterday), and he very kindly invited us back every day this week. Hanging poolside in 35 degree temperatures is not a bad way to kill a few afternoons. My old mate Tom Bull is still yet to come back from London, and his room is currently being occupied by Simon Oscroft of Midnight Youth fame (cue copious singalongs featuring 90s classics such as Shimmer and If You Could Only See). But my favourite thing that happened this week was the return of Jenny Albright after a four month European hiatus. I once again have a partner in rap. Happy Monday, everybody!

Pool life at the Thompson Hotel.

Sunset over the Domino Sugar Factory in Williamsburg.

Jonas Bresnan on the street with a prop.

Simon Oscroft is playing at my house.

Loitering with intent.

Extreme thunderstorm at the Thompson Hotel.

A view of the New York Post Office from above, where it looks eerily like a prison

My new Monster headphones.

Ashika and her ice cream sandwich at Smorgasburg.

Jenny and Ashika on Jenny’s LES roof.

Jack Tame’s profile on me from yesterday’s Herald on Sunday.

Christina Caradona aka Trop Rouge on set at the Thompson Hotel.

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