#2221 About Moonrise Kingdom

What did you think of Moonrise Kingdom?

A month or so ago, I discovered a boutique theatre about six blocks from my house that only plays films that land on the quirkier side of the cinematic spectrum. It’s called Nitehawk and you have to book your tickets at least six hours in advance, otherwise your movie will be sold out. Waiters serve you a full menu of food and drinks during the picture, and before the film starts, in lieu of traditional trailers, a selection of clips, vintage commercials and adverts directed by the director whose film you’re about to see are played to delighted gasps from the crowd (which includes, but is not limited to, Brooklynites, intelligentsia, hipsters and one-time guest stars of New Zealand’s Next Top Model). Before Moonrise Kingdom began, we were treated to this Japanese cellphone commercial featuring Brad Pitt.

I’ve gotta be honest and admit that I didn’t really like The Royal Tenenbaums or The Darjeeling Limited. The Life Aquatic was my favourite Wes Anderson film going into Moonrise Kingdom, and I couldn’t even tell you what it was about. Suffice to say, I love his aesthetic, but I’m not sold on the stories; however: Moonrise Kingdom‘s trailer hooked me from the get-go – what’s not to love about the doomed elopement of a couple of preteen misfits?

If you love love stories, you’ll love it. If you love Wes Anderson, you’ll love it. If you love odd New England coastal house furnishings of the 1960s, you’ll love it. If you have any nostalgia for your 11 year old self’s forbidden love affair, you’ll love it. If you love Jason Schwartzman swooping in to save the day, you’ll love it.

But instead of taking up anymore of your time with a long-form review of how brilliant it was, here’s a list of the top 10 things I loved about Moonrise Kingdom

1. The costumes (I want a Khaki Scouts of North America uniform, a plaid madras pair of pants and Bob Balaban’s red duffel coat).
2. That bit when Sam and Suzy dance on the beach.
3. The sparsely decorated, yet well-appointed Khaki Scouts of North America tents.
4. Harvey Keitel’s cameo.
5. Bruce Willis’ broken heart.
6. Edward Norton’s extreme geekiness.
7. That bit when Suzy’s six year old brother tell her she’s a traitor to the family.
8. That bit when Sam and Suzy first meet and he asks her what kind of bird she is.
9. Sam’s reinvention as an Island Policeman (I want his baseball cap).
10. The fact that young love triumphs in the end.

So to answer your question, what did I think of Moonrise Kingdom? I thought it was the best little film I’ve seen in years. Go see it the moment you get the chance! And I’d quite happily use it as the basis for my entire F/W Little Brother collection. Short pants and uniforms for the win!


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