#2224 My Week in Instagrams

If I had friends who loved me, this entire photo series would be dedicated to stills from the new Batman film, but sadly, despite the fact that it was so popular that even attempting to buy tickets was a hazardous endeavour, I couldn’t find a single soul to go with me. Instead, what we have here is a jumble of menswear, meals and meetings; of drawings, desserts and drips. The week started with the menswear tradeshows, which I attended with Richard Haines (see his sketch of me at the Man Show, above), and where I saw some of the best menswear I’ve been exposed to in years. Everybody’s favourite Filipino Bryan Boy moved into a new apartment, and I spent a lot of time eating takeout on the floor of the furnitureless living room and shooting a bunch of The Jante Law outfits (which will go live on the site tomorrow).

I got caught in a thunderstorm on Thursday that drenched my iPhone and rendered it useless for 12 hours – it started working again after I dropped it in a bag of uncooked rice overnight, which was a pleasant surprise (sometimes Old Wives Tales really do work).

Other highlights included dinner at La Esquina’s downstairs three-week-waiting-list restaurant, a trek up to Spanish Harlem, trying out life as a blonde, checking out a slutty bakery and eating some multinational cupcakes sent by Lacoste. So many good times. Check it all out, below!


Dinner at La Esquina with Gia Johnson Singh, Jess Jackson and Ashika.

The boys of the New York Times – Bruce Pask, Jason Rider and Richard Haines.

Best caps of all time by Études.

Dinner and Olympics in Spanish Harlem with the extrarodinarily handsome Jack Tame.

Breakfast with Kiwis in Williamsburg – Olivia Fleming, Natalie Allingham and Stephanie Waldron.

Blondes have more fun.

Statue, bro?

Drenched after the thunderstorm moments before my iPhone shut down.

Best short sleeve shirt, ever, by Portuguese brand La Paz.

Bryan Boy in his new apartment!

The sluttiest bread shop in town.

Multinational cupcakes, courtesy of Lacoste.

A preview of my shoot for The Jante Law, out tomorrow!


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  1. isaaclikes says

    Oh mannnn, I own that shirt he’s wearing in the photo above! Darkness brother. More importantly, look at how good looking that head is!

  2. says

    Umm you should permenantly go blonde you look like a serial killer which is going to be so on trend next season!

    Also was the reflection in the bakery window deliberate??  Anyway loving your instagram love (in fact it inspired me to get an iPhone too for that very reason)…

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