#2227 Dressed to Bill

I don’t know if it was Bill Cunningham New York or the bartenders’ uniforms at Cafe Gitane that tipped me over the edge, but I have an obsession with French blue workwear jackets. According to L’Ecole Des Beaux Arts who sell them by the truckload here in Williamsburg, blue was a common colour worn by the peasant class back in feudal days because indigo was cheaper than other dyes. I bet they’d laugh if they could see the denim craze today. The only problem with these jackets is their awkward fit – they’re short and wide through the body with baggy sleeves. Besides that, they’re perfect in every way – awesome cloth, amazing colour and oh so functional. And since they’re only 85 bucks a pop, you can always throw a couple of extra dollars at them to get some tailoring work done if you so desire. Coming up later this week, I’ll have an update on the classic, by Spanish label TwoThirds. You can pick up a French workwear jacket online here.


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