#2228 Workwear Take Two

With Little Brother Spring/Summer 12/13 in production, I’ve been trying to get my head in the Fall/Winter zone, despite the fact that the coldest day we’ve had in the last month saw temperatures drop to a not-so-cool 22 degrees Celsius. A garment that’s kept playing on my mind is the button-up workwear jacket, which is ideal as a layering piece from the beginning till the end of the chilly seasons – throw it on over a tee in Autumn, and wear it between your shirt and overcoat a la Sean Hotchkiss in the depths of Winter. One of the best versions I’ve seen is this guy by Spanish label TwoThirds, stocked by brand new Brooklyn-based online store Three Leaves. It’s an updated, slimline version of the Bill Cunningham I wore yesterday, and that neutral colour means it’ll work with anything you throw at it.

In unrelated but exciting news, New Zealand just won its third gold medal, proving we’re unstoppable in a rowboat; and I’m off to shoot the second day of my TV show pilot with Gala Darling… GO THE KIWIS!

P.S. Bryan and I shot these photos at the very bottom of the Financial District, which is an area I’ve never spent any time in at all. It looks so much like Asia down there – Bryan said it reminded him of Manila. Who knew?


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  1. says

    The type of clothes you should wear to work depends on what kind of profession you are in, your company’s dress policy, and your fashion sense. For example, if you are a teacher, you might wear either a knee-length dress or a dress shirt with navy, khaki, or white slacks. Or if you work in construction, a casual shirt, work boots, and jeans would be appropriate. A good fit, unripped and unsoiled clothes of moderate styling make an appropriate look.

  2. Nomis says

    lol this sounds like one of the DPRK descriptions of work appropriate clothes “designed” by Kim Jong Il…

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