#2230 A month in Tokyo with Greg Lewis, Rose Smith and a disposable camera

Minnie mouse, Disneyland Tokyo. Photos: Greg Lewis

Remember Greg Lewis? He’s the Australian photographer I started working with at the end of last year – first on outfit posts, then during New York Fashion Week, and most recently on the Fall/Winter Barkers campaign plastered all over New Zealand, starring Mister Thomas Bull. (We’re shooting round two later this month.) Greg’s girlfriend Rose Smith is one of Australia’s top models of the moment, and the two spent a month working in Tokyo recently; I asked them to take a disposable camera along for the ride. This from Greg: “A few months back via Skype video, Isaac – with his shirt off, pre-Brooklyn gym days and pre-summer tan – asked if we’d be keen to shoot some pictures of bits and bobs we got up to along the road well travelled. Here’s what happened in Tokyo.” Check out all the photos, below.

Cheerleader squad, Shibuya. While we were in shibuya there was a cheerleading contest on. There was a shop setup on a main street corner that sold portraits of the girls with signatures for fans to buy.
Beer crates, Love Hotel Hill, Shibuya.
Maybe his birthday party? Love Hotel Hill, Shibuya.
Harajuku girl peace.
Pimped out dude very chuffed with his outfit, Harajuku.
Snaky legs.
Harajuku girls.
Remember when shopping was boring and you’d rather be climbing trees? I still find it kinda boring.

Gidday mate!
Manga exhibition.
Rose about to pick up Tokyo tower.

Lost in Translation.
Subway sleep.
Kintamani volcano smoking above Bali.


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