#2233 My Week in Instagrams

The big dog Tom Bull finally arrived home after a two month European hiatus, and I’m not too proud to say that it was the most exciting thing that’s happened in ages. It meant a degree of normalcy was reestablished at my apartment (if normalcy includes nobody ever wearing a shirt, permatanning and trash-talk over games of FIFA). It was a week of money poorly spent – $12 on the worst haircut of my life, $28 on two tickets to Total Recall and $22 on a garlic-heavy Brazilian lunch that left three overgrown men-children burping and farting like 14 year old boys on school camp. But the main event was a Casio G-Shock party on Thursday night featuring an hour-long performance by Eminem (shout out to Harley at G-Shock New Zealand for hooking it up). Tom charmed us into the VIP box, and we spent the evening partying with the Japanese owners of G-Shock, watching everyone’s second favourite white boy rap like a champ. He played a full set of classics and delighted everyone in the audience – including our middle-aged Japanese friends, who knew all the words, despite their advanced years: “Won’t the lear Srim Shady prease stand up!? Prease stand up!? Prease stand up!” And this afternoon, Ashika and I are flying to Los Angeles for a week of meetings, castings and hopefully a day or two of Disneyland. Pro tip: We discovered on Friday that if you book a flight at notice from New York to LA, you can save yourselves up to $400 per ticket if you land at Orange County Airport. Who knew!? Happy Sunday, everybody!

Time Square after Total Recall.

Bluralism at Eminem.

The sky above Williamsburg, moments before Ashika and I got caught in the craziest thunderstorm of all time.

Eminem on stage.


Kiwis and a Kanuck at Eminem.

Me, terrified in the hot seat.

Me and Ashika on the roof.

Sunset above Williamsburg.

Life with male models.

The view from my roof.


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  1. victorstonem says

    I’m glad Tom is back. I don’t know why, but I get very happy when I see pictures of you together. Have a nice Sunday!!

  2. D says

    Pro tip Isaac. Get on the back of a Netjets charter flight. $1000 NY (teterboro) to CA (van nuys). PJ action. Boom!

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