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So here we are in sunny Los Angeles, a city that I’ve spent many a week in, but never at my own leisure. This time’s different because I did the only sensible thing any self-respecting human should do when they come here, and rented a car. My first experience driving on the wrong side of the road found me on the 405 from Orange County to Santa Monica, and my apprehensions were put to rest immediately when I realised that driving is driving, no matter where your steering wheel’s located. Who’d’ve thought? Only one thing is certain: It feels amazing to get out of New York City.
To be fair, this is a working holiday of sorts. I recently signed with DBA (a management company that also works with bloggers like Gala Darling and The Glamourai), and I wanted to come and explore West Coast opportunities with the agency’s LA office; plus Ashika had booked a few jobs out here and needed a chauffeur for the week, and I was the best dressed candidate.

If you’ve been a longtime reader of Isaac Likes, you’ll know by now that I’m a shameless name dropper, and I’d hate to dash expectations, so here we go. Our LA tour guide for the week is a white boy from England named Jess Jackson. You might not have heard his name before, but you have definitely heard his work: Jess produced Tyga’s hit song Rack City. Every day he sits there telling us stories about his life (international tours with enormous stars, recording sessions with every artist you love, parties at Malibu beach houses) like I might discuss a trip to the supermarket. So many good times.

LA is awesome! I want to spend a lot more time out here.


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  1. xtravertJohn says

    Lived in LA for 9 years, Isaac. Perhaps I should say I existed? When the going is good, everybody was your friend, however, when you hit a rock, they ducked for cover. Hard to know who is genuine and who is trying to work out if they can make a buck out of you. Keep your eyes open and watch your rear. Good luck – enjoy. You are only young once.

  2. GBannis says

    Enjoy LA. It’s a big place with a lot of variety. I love visiting and may even be able to live there if I had the right job.

    Some places to check out: Koreatown, famous architects’ homes (Wright, Neutra, etc.) in Silver Lake as well as the cafe scene there, Chinese food in Monterey Park, the Gamble house in Pasadena, the Mid-Wilshire area, cool shops in the blocks around 7500 Beverly Blvd, and so on. The key, of course, is to drive a lot.

    I’ve never spent much time in the entertainment industry but that’s probably where you will need to go for your work. Still, I think you’ll find inspiration elsewhere.

  3. ashley says

    oh my gosh totally know how you feel about driving! i just moved to the states from nz 3 weeks ago but it only took me 2 days to adjust to driving with these whack as road rules!

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