#2236 Lacoste Fragrance’s Perfect Summer Party – What To Wear?

I’ve been working with Lacoste Fragrances a bunch over the past couple of months, and now that the heat is well and truly here, the Croc is looking to throw The Perfect Summer Party. The fine folks in the fragrance department asked me to put together a couple of outfits that I might wear to their soiree – inspired by the energetic blast that is Lacoste Rouge – and we shot it with Jonas Bresnan in Madison Square Park last week.

Due to a combination of elements (my typically conservative dress sense, pale complexion and prevalence towards navy blue, grey, khaki and maroon), I’ve never been much of a colour guy, but this summer I have embraced it head on – often to the embarrassment of my lovely girlfriend, who says that pale blue trousers paired with a magenta shirt is a bit much. I say pish posh.

Lacoste Fragrance in Rouge is all about energy. It’s spicy, colourful and woody, and it’s the type of fragrance that’ll turn heads. I figure why not pair your scent with an outfit that’ll do the same thing? Life is too short to blend in.

Two unrelated, but interesting points:

1. When we were shooting the photos in the park there were these two extremely tall, extremely buff, extremely tan and extremely good looking men standing nearby without shirts on so we approached them and asked if we could take a photo of me posing in my colourful clothes with them being tough guys in the background. They immediately said, “No photos, no photos!” in Israeli accents and I’m pretty sure that they were either assassins or bodyguards who could kill you six times before you hit the ground.

2. I went out after the shoot and saw Scott Disick AND Leonardo DiCaprio. If that’s not the perfect summer party, I don’t know what is.

Check out all of Lacoste’s fragrances here!

Outfit one: Moscot sunglasses, Comme des Garcons tee shirt, Dr Denim chinos and Chuck Taylors.
Outfit two: Zambesi shirt, Dr Denim chinos and Chuck Taylors.
Outfit three: Unis shirt, Dr Denim chinos and Chuck Taylors.


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  1. worldwidevoyage.wordpress.com says

    always have a great adventure in LA plus with the celebrity . what would’ve gone wrong

  2. rayban says

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