#2237 My Week in LA, in Instagrams

Me and Ashika, Runyon Canyon conquerors.

The first time I left the South Pacific, I was 21 years old. I flew to Los Angeles and caught a shuttle bus to The Standard in West Hollywood – passing Crenshaw Boulevard, Inglewood and a cop running into a pawn shop with a shotgun cocked and ready to go. It was the real deal. When I arrived at the hotel, I walked into the lobby and ran straight into a woman I recognised. “This is so crazy!” I told her. “I’ve just flown halfway around the world and the first person I see is someone I know from back home!” She frowned and shook her head. “Sorry honey, I think you must be mistaking me for someone else.” It took me a couple of seconds to realise that I was talking to Judy Reyes, best known as Carla from Scrubs. A day later, Julia Stiles walked past me as I was coming out of my room – she was staying in the suite next to mine. Paris and Nicky Hilton sat at a table next to me at the hotel bar one night, and Justin Timberlake drove past me near the Beverly Center. My favourite though, was when I caught Ned Schneebly walking his dog on Sunset Strip.

This week has been just as exciting as that first trip – I spent days at the beach, got a bit of a tan, drove all over the county, hung out with Noah Emrich and Evan Tetreault while they shot Ashika way up in Malibu Canyon, had meetings with my LA agents and TV networks in Hollywood, witnessed some insane skating in Venice courtesy of a bunch of under-13 year old boys and ate the best Persian food of my entire life. Check all my photos, below, and yes, those are my gangsta parallel parking skills. Holla!

Ashika showing off her tan (I’m the same colour as the sunscreen).

First look at the Little Brother shirting cloths!

The oldest diner in LA (I think), open 24/7 since 1924.

Selfies staring at the sun.

13 year old Shane Borland killing in in Venice Beach.

How I do.

Ashika in Malibu Canyon.

Noah Emrich shooting offroad.

Ashika, Evan and Noah after the shoot in Malibu Canyon.

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  1. Maggie says

    I wonder how you’re going to find NYC after the beach and outdoors you’ve enjoyed in California. Hope it all goes well on your return :)

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