#2238 Behind the scenes at Barkers S/S 2012/13 with Tom Bull and Greg Lewis

Last season we shot the Barkers campaign on the streets of New York City (these were the results), this time we’re up in the Hamptons for the label’s S/S 2012/13 shoot. This is my first visit and it’s pretty nice – yesterday we were treated to lunch by a Michelin starred chef who works for a guy who’s high up in the video game and music worlds, today, after a three hour session extremely early on the beach, we’re heading up to Montauk to shoot around the lighthouse. A couple of fun facts about the Hamptons: You can’t park on the street unless you have a permit, and you can’t get a permit unless you’re a resident. If that’s not the very definition of classist-exclusivity then I don’t know what is. A couple of fun facts about our shoot so far: We stole a Ferrari, Tom got out-cuted by a two year old but managed to out-Abercrombie Bruce Weber himself, and we’ve still got a day to go. Video to come. Look out.


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  1. t_jones says

    The parking-permit-for-residents-only is unfortunately common even in non-fancy places, like my hood Somerville MA, which is also affectionately known as Slummerville

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