#2239 Can Girls Be Friend-Zoned?

Do you think that girls can be friendzoned as well as guys? Also, do you think that friendzoning even exists?

I once knew this guy who was clearly infatuated with this girl. He’d text her sweet little messages all the time, bring her gifts, tell her she was beautiful and pay every time they went out for dinner. She obviously enjoyed the attention because she spent so much time with him, but whenever he tried to bring up the conversation about taking the relationship to the next level, she’d tell him he was like a brother to her. It got worse: About four times per week, they’d go to Pink Berry together. Every single fricken time, he’d take cute little photos of them with their Pink Berry cups and put them on Facebook. It was literally emasculation-by-frozen-yoghurt.

Friendzoning occurs when one party in a relationship wants more, but the other isn’t interested in taking things any further than the platonic level. It’s a term that a) guys use to make fun of other guys, b) guys use to make girls feel guilty about not sleeping with them, and c) girls use to make themselves feel like they’re in the driving seat of a relationship (when used in a Mean Girls type way).

Sure it can happen to girls, it can happen to anyone.

But a word to guys: Steer well clear of Pink Berry if you want to retain any trace of masculinity. Not even joking.


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  1. Rhiannon says

    Why is this guy being emasculated by his friendship with this girl or by eating frozen yoghurt? Isn’t that his fault not hers if he hasn’t effectively communicated that he is interested in her?

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