#2241 What’s in store at Dior Homme – the outtakes

So… This is awkward. For the first time in my entire blogging career, I’ve gone 10 days without posting. It started innocently enough with me thinking I needed a change from the way things have been going (should I transition everything to WordPress? To Tumblr? Redesign? I don’t know?) then as the days passed, that need to put fingers to keyboard never hit. I spent time with Katherine and James Lowe, who were both blogging up a storm, and went to a few fashion week shows, and every day I’d think – I really should write something, but I just couldn’t figure out where to start. So this is my first attempt at normalcy. It’s time to get back into a routine. I’m still umming and aahing about which platform is best, or what on earth I want to be writing about right now, and there’s no doubt my quarter life crisis is in full swing, but one can only dilly dally for so long. A wise man once said, “Farewell pussyfooters, for I can no longer wait!” and that’s what I need to say to myself. So here goes.

Noah and I shot our latest What’s in store for the New York Times at Dior Homme’s just-renovated 57th Street store. It was fun playing dress-ups in clothing that would render me bankrupt, and I’d never usually have the balls to go into a high end store such as this and try everything on, but that’s why I started this column in the first place.

Click here to check out all the photos and to read the full piece (because let’s not forget, writing is just as important as pretty imagery), and see below for a whole bunch of shots that didn’t make the cut.

You guys are my mates.



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  1. GBannis says

    Of all the pieces pictured, the one I covet is the green jacket in the last photo. Perfect contemporary proportions.

    BTW, how about invading an Hermes store next? Give us a vicarious experience. I still can’t forget the green suede Hermes “windbreaker” that fit me perfectly. Unfortunately, the $15,000 price didn’t fit my wallet as well.

  2. Erica says

    I love how you paired all these ridiculously expensive clothes with your old, slightly beaten up Converses. It looks pretty cool.

  3. isaaclikes says

    I am so anti designer sneakers and I always feel bad wearing the stores’ expensive leather shoes on the footpath cos they get all scuffed up.

  4. andrew barber says

    that raincoat mmm… delicious, now, move everything to wordpress, keep the tumbler… keep up the writing, carry on x

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